Well 2 weeks in now. The SW was back of her holiday on monday and was on the phone to us on Monday, so good to know we had not been forgotten about. I was working nights so received the voice mail when I woke up. It was too late to phone her, so I phoned her the next day.
The Children
What I shall do here each week is only either add new children we have enquired about, or just up date any that we have heard anything about. I will not go through each group as it will get very tedious if we have nothing to add.
Boy D8, BoyM7, Girl L5 – Well this SW has been in contact with our SW and actually wanted to come out to visit us on 5th August, only 2 weeks time!!!!! We have not even seen their CRP’s yet and I am away on holiday for the week that week anyway, so that was out of the question. I would not let a SW visit without having read a CRP. We know that we have been the only people to enquire about these children and are very wary of being rushes. It is such a big step that we do not intend to let this happen. We still really like what we have seen about these 3 so far though.
Girl S8, Boy C6 These 2 were the children who were from the borough where I was born. Our SW spoke to their FF and spoke about where my family live. To visit my family we would be practical driving past these children’s birth family, so it would be very distressing for them. This has meant that it would be very unpractical, we have had to say good-bye to these 2.
Girl S7, Boy E4, These were on BMP online at the tail end of last week, we emailed their SW and know that as yet our SW has not heard anything from their SW.
Boy R5 Our SW sent this little ones profile out in the post to us and we received it this morning. Although we have always said we wanted more than one, we really liked what we saw. We have phoned and left a message, and emailed, just to make doubly sure that she gets the message and said yes we would be very interested. His SW already has our report but said that she would not read it until we said that we were deffinitly interested, WE ARE!!
Things to do.
  1. We need to get our birth certificates down from the loft so that our SW can enter their numbers on our report
  2. Carpet landing and stairs
  3. Tidy back garden
  4. Tidy front garden
  5. New shed door
  6. Small bedroom
  7. Back bedroom
  8. Shower screen, need either folding or curtain.


I really need to loss some weight so thought I would track my progress here I have weighed this morning and will weigh every Wednesday from now on. I am also going to try to work towards the Slimming World Fitness awards. I want to loss 85lbs grrrr!!


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