Week 3

Not to much to add this week. We have spoken to our SW a couple of times and she has been busy on our behalves. I am going on holiday this weekend with my mother and niece, so will not blog next week it will be in 2 weeks time the next one.
We got our first CPR to read at the end of last week, will say more in a moment when I do the children and that really is it on the adoption front for this week.
The Children
Boy R5 – our SW has received his CPR and is going to read through it and pass it on to us later in the week if she thinks that he could be right for us. So we are waiting on that.
Boy J8 – Our Sw received a call from this little boys SW asking if we would be interested in having a look. We looked at his flyer, and I had seen this child in the publication’s. I read his CPR and hubby started to read it, but I think that we know from the start that he was not for us. It was very hard and I think being the first CPR that we had read we were wanting it to be right, but there has to be something there for you and that child/ children’s sake, so it was a very sad no.
We made a start on the small bedroom and that now has been painted, just the edges, ceiling and wood work to be done. We can then move what furniture is going to go in there in.
Hubby has also made a start on tidying up the front.
I have had a good clear out of my shoes, it was a very sad day for me as i love my shoes, but I had so many they were practically taking up a whole double wardrobe. They are now down to only half a wardrobe!!!
Weighed in this morning. I am the same weight as last week, whilst disappointed not to have lost, really the way that I ate last week I am luck not to have put on!!!
Not hoping to have lost at the next weight in 2 weeks with being away and them my mum and niece are coming back to stay the following week. Oh god it can only get worse.
Will update again in 2 weeks after my week in Devon xx

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