Week 5

Well since I last updated 2 weeks ago, I have had my mum stay for a week, then went to Devon for a week and now this week have my niece staying for 5 days. (Getting in practice.) Our SW has been very busy on our behalf and she is coming to visit next Thursday to discuss where we are up to at the moment.
The Children
Boy D8, Boy M7, Girl L5 – It is with great sadness that after ready their CPR’s we have decided not to pursue these 3. It was nothing to do with them or their CPR’s, but more to do with us. We think that going from just us 2 to a family of 5 would be a an enormous jump to take and as bad as this sounds more on finances than anything else, when we get our children we want to be able to put all our energies into them, and not be worrying about, clothing, feeding etc. When we go out for the day or on holidays we want to be able to do things with them and not be thinking oh god we have to times that price by 3. I cried when we made the decision, but am well aware for us that it is the right decision. Our SW said that their SW would be willing to split them, but we feel that we had got to emotionally involved with them as a threesome and would for ever feel guilty for not taking the third.
We will no longer look at more than 2 children.
Boy R5 – We have read R’s CPR and we are interested in going further with him.
Girl S7, Boy E4 – Our SW has been in touch with their SW and on her advice we are no longer looking at these 2.
Girl A10, Girl M5 – We were emailed their profile by our SW, we are not going to take them any further.
Boy R5, Boy C5 – Our SW has had contact with their SW and is going to enquire some more.
Boy K8, Boy K6 – same story as 2 girls up above their SW contacted ours after having our names given to them from the adoption register. Again we have decided not to pursue these two.
Boy J8, Boy B6 – We received their profile via email off our SW and we have asked for further information.
So as you can see it has been very busy on the children front, which is very encouraging for us.
To Do List.
Nothing to add here rally, hubby has got on a bit with the small bedroom whilst I was away, so is only really finishing touches there to do.
He has nearly finished painting the kitchen tiles.
We want to make a start on the bigger of the children’s bedroom this week before our SW comes next Thursday to at least make it look like we are doing something.
Well what can I say after having been away for a week and having people to stay. For got to get on the scales this morning so will do it tomorrow, am not expecting to make my counter go down!!

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