Week 7

Well its been 2 weeks since I last added an entry. Where does the time go, I had not realised that I had missed a week.
Not much to add this week, we have been busy doing the jobs that need doing round the house, SW was supposed to visit last week, then this week, now it has changed to next Friday. Gives us a bit more time with our DIY. We recieved a another profile today, but are not interested in them, that sounds so harsh, but as we have been told you have to feel something, these 2 were older children and had been in the care system for a long time.
Our very exciting news is that we have 2 SW’s visiting a week on Monday about Boy R5  we are very excited and really nervous at the same time. As I said up above, we will see our SW on the Friday before to discuse anything we feel needs addressing etc. She is then meeting them first, then they will all be with us at about 1pm. So all fingers and toes crossed.
Unless anything crops up between now and next Wednesday, I will leave it untill the following week to up-date again, hopefully with good news, but who knows!!

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