Well its been about 7 or 8 weeks since I last wrote on this blog, so i shall update on our situation as it is now.
We patiently waited for the 2 weeks to be up and heard nothing, I waited a couple of days then tried to contact ou SW. Every time a rang there was no answer. So when by the Wedensday I still could get know answer I rang her mobile, I dont really like doing this as she could be on a visit or in a meeting, but I could not take anymore. She was at home sick bless her and could not access any of her phone messages or emails. She sounded really ill so we did not expect to hear anything fo the rest of the week.
On the Friday she phoned to say that she had been in contact with R’s SW, he said that although they had really liked us, they had been going to visit another family as well. this family had pulled out at the last minute so they had only visited us. His manager was insistant that they needed to visit another family as well. He asked our SW if she thought that we would be willing to wait whilst they looked for another family to visit. Our SW said that she thought that this was unfair to ask us to do so, that we had agreed not to pursue any other links that we had until we had an answer from them, and that she had still been getting enqires about us. It was agreed that they would get in touch the following week on the Thursday as that was the day the FF was due back at work from her A/L ( she had gone on leave at the end of the week they had visited us) and go from there.
My husband and I did a great deal of talking about this and decided that if when our SW talked to his at the end of the following week they still had not made a decision, we would have to walk away from this link. I was working a night shift on the Sunday night so we decided that on Tuesday morning when I would not be so tired I would phone our SW and tell her.
We had the most awful weekend, it really did make me ill, my head felt that it was going to explode. I was very tearfull all the time and people only had to talk to me and I would cry. We really wanted this link, but the 2 1/2 week wait until now had been terible and we really could not endure have to wait for goodness knows how long it would take them to find anothe family to visit.
When I got home from wok on the Monday, I was really tired, my head still felt like it was going to explode, so I went to bed, something that I don’t normally do when finishing nights, I just potter around and catch a couple of hours on the sofa after hubby has gone to work.
I was sound asleep when my mobile rung, being asleep I could not work out where or what the noise was, and it rung off. A few minutes later it rang again so I answered it, it was our SW, "are you sitting down" she said, "yes, no I’m in bed lying down", "is Hubby there", "don’t know" said I.
Then she said the words, they have just rung her, FF was back off her holidays and it was a BIG FAT YES. Oh my god did I ramble, I came down stairs looking for hubby, he had gone to work. I phoned him, no answer, I phoned my mum, no answer, I phoned my dad, no answer, I tried hubby again still no answer, I tied my brother and SIL, no answer, hubby again, still no answer. At that my next door neighbours pulled up on their drive, so out I went in my very unmatching PJ,s, cause I had to tell some one. I finally managed to get hold of my hubby and he came straight home then my mum, she cried.
So this is where we are at now R is going to be our son, and we are so happy, excited, busy decorating his room, getting all those little jobs done that we have been putting off.
Today after a few weeks we finally got a couple of dates, we have a Life Apretation day on the 25th November and Matching Panel on the 8th December, what a Christmas present, we will not meet our son until after christmas, but we can wait. So now I am going to get a new ticker to count us down to matching panel.
Bring it on!!!!!!