3 days to go

Well as the title says we have 3 days until we head up North for our son-to-be’s Life appreciaction day. We are very excited about this as we will get to meet people who know our son. How strange will it be though that all these people will have met him and we will not have. We will be meeting, taechers from his previous school, a SW from a previous team who had involvement with him and his birth family, his therapist from Barnardo’s and his FC. After that we will then travel to the area where is is living at present to visit his present school teacher. I am sure that i have missed someone, but will update after.
All our matching reports are now in. Our SW came round and did our bit with us then typed it up and emailed it to us so we could sign it which we did and posted off to one of his SW’s. We recieved a copy of their support package this week, which said in black and white, intro’s to take place in January, how exciting.
As for R’s bedroom, it is getting there, we tried laying laminate but made a terrible job of it, so it is being carpeted on Tuesday. Then hopefully we can order his bed by the end of the week. Once we have met the FC who can put the finishing touch’s to his room.
Oh and one more thing, we have 2 dogs, when talking to R about finding a new family one of the things he said that he wanted was to go to a family who had dogs, last week when SW was talking to FC, FC said that he is frightened of dogs so that should be fun!!

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