Intro’s continued

Day 8 – Today we were going to the FC’s to get munch up and ready for school, we were taking him saying goodbye as after our midway review we would be heading home. The morning went very well, we dropped him off at school said goodbye and that e would ring him that evening.
We went back to the FC’s, were the review was taking place at 10 am. Our SW rang to say that she was ill and unable to make it, we were ok about it though as we were very confident ha we had had a great 1st week. Munch,s SW came, the FF, us and the FC were present. We discussed how we all though that the week had gone. Everyone was in agreement that it had gone really well, better than anyone expected it to. We were asked did we want to proceed, did we ever. We then discussed the following week’s intro’s which were to be at our home, the only change to the original plan that was made was that we brought forward the first sleep night at our house by 1 night as we all though that Munch was more than ready for it.
After the review we had a cuppa with the FC, then said our goodbye’s and left for home. we phoned Munch in he evening, the made the most of being able to go out so went for something to eat and a few drinks.
Day 9 – Day off today, seemed really strange not seeing Munch. Today we went and visited his new school and talked to the Head and deputy who also is the SENCO. We arranged for Munch to stay at home with us for the 1st 2 weeks after our official placement day, do 1 week morning’s only, then the last week of hthat half of the term full days. They were very nice and extremley understanding.
We collected the dogs from the kennels, and then spent the rest of he day putting all of Munch’s things that we had brought back with us the day before into his room so that it was all ready for when he arrived the next day.

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