Still Intro’s

Day 10 – This was the day we had most been looking forward to, the day that Munch 1st came to our house. Today he was coming with his FC’s they were all going to have something to eat stay for a little while then they would all go back to there hotel together.
They arrived around lunch time and came in, Munch was excited to be here but also a bit nervous of our 2 dogs, we have had put them out in the garden when we heard hem arrive, Munch sat on his FC’s lap when they first came in and we let the dogs in who were very interested to see who had arrived, they when up to Munch and were wagging there tails, we kept hold of them and encouraged him to touch and stroke them which he did. Eventually he got of FC’s knee and although wary of them on the whole was not to bad, he was very excited to look round his new home and in particular to look at his new room, we went up with the FC and he was very excited, he was pleased to see all his things in the new places and very ecited that he had a Ben 10 bedroom.
We all sat down and had dinner together which Munch ate well, then off he continued his exploring until it was time to go.
Day 11 – Today was going to be his 1st night with us, the FC’s brought him after breakfast. The weather was still really lousy so we really had a day indoors so that he could get used to his new home and the dogs, today he was much more confident with the dogs.
After lunch we all went to the park with the dogs, Munch could not understand why the dogs were not playing with them and had a bit of a paddy over it, so I told him to race Holly to the end of the fence, with encouragement we got Holly to run, but of course she was much faster than him and raced a head, which again set Munch into a Paddy, our 2nd dog is very oldand does not run so we were able to calm Munch down by getting him to race him and of course this one he won so was a bit happier.
Whist hubby walked around with the dogs once we got to the play area bit we cut a cross and had a go on the swings and climbing frames which kept Munch happier. It was then home for tea, we did the night time routine in our house for the !st time and put him to bed in his own bed. He was a bit restless at first and called down a few time, but eventually dropped off. I only looked in on him about 20 times before we went to bed!!!
Day 12 – We had told Munch the night before that when he woke up in the morning he could come and knock on our door. At about 7am we got the knock, knock, we told him to come in and get into bed with us, the look on his face, he had the biggest grin, his chest was pumped out with pride he run to the end of the bed and crawled up the middle to get in between us, that moment alone made the previous 2 years of the adoption process worth while, a moment we will treasure for ever. We stayed in bed for a while and allowed him to have  the Tv on before all getting up for breakfast, again we stayed indoors and played. We played on the Wii, did lego, watched tv ect before having lunch.
In the afternoon we took him to the hotel where his FC’s were staying so that he could have a few hours with them and he also had his tea with them before we fetched him home. This way he was able to talk to the FC’s and tell them of any worries that he had about being with us. The only thing that he came up with were the dogs, he was quite afraid of dogs before he came to us and as this was only his 3rd day with them this did not come as a suprise.
Home were we prepared him for his 2nd night with us, at the FC’s he was used to going to bed at 7pm, we decided to let him stay up till 7.30pm now he was with us, we were basically keeping the routine the same, but allowing him 1/2 tv after supper before bed, he was really pleased with this and went off to bed. Tonight he was a bit more settled.

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