Last 2 days of Intro’s

Day – 13  Again Munch came into our room this morning, we had a bit of time all in bed together then got up and had breakfast. Munch is very good at mealtimes and has lovely table manners. After breakfast we got dressed and went into our local shopping centre so that we could get presents from Munch for his FC’s as we were all going out for dinner together later on. We got a bootle of scotch for the male carer and for the female carer we got a Merlin Cherish Teddy as she and Munch had special time on a Saturday night watching merlin on telly, if Munch had had his way, he would have got her a Gucci watch!!!!
We were going to have a drink in thr coffee shop afterwards, but munch became a bit of a handful so we decided to leave. We stopped on the way home and went to our local cafe and had a drink and sausage roll, which Munch really enjoyed. We came home and played for a little while before leaving to pick up the FC’s and driving to the restuarant. It was really weird as the FC told Munch that we were now his parents and we were the ones that it was up to us to what he was able to do, I felt really self concious infront of these 2 people who had parented our child for the last 15 months and found it difficult, but we did have a very nice meal, Munch was well behaved and only had to be told a couple of times to behave. The FC’s were really pleased with there gifts, we dropped them back at their hotel and headed home.
On the way home Munch decided to undo his set belt, we had been told of his habit of doing this to test people at the life appreciation day. Hubby was driving and immediatley stopped the car, Munch, I think realised that he had done wrong as soon as he did it and was desperatley trying to do it up again. We explained why his was not a good thing to do and went on our way, once the seat belt was done back up of course!!
Munch went to bed ready for his good-bye’s to the FC’s in the morning.
Day 14 – PLACEMENT DAY –  We did the same routine as previous mornings. At about 10 o’clock the FC’s came they had a cuppa gave Munch a lovely present and welcome to your new home card then said their good-byes and left.
Huurray we were on our own. We were now our own little family, we just really had an easy day. played abit of Wii, did a few things round the house and then went to the cinema to see Toy Story 2 in 3D.
We kept it really low key, did all the usual routines, what a fab day!!! 

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