Ist week

The 1st week was sureal, a lot of the time I felt like I was playing a roll. We kept it low key, the weather still was really awful so it was hard to get out and about and we did not want Munch to think that that was what life with us was all about.
On the Monday as it was going to be our 1st full day together with out FC’s, SW’s or anyone else, we asked everyone not to phone so that we could have a complete day to ourselves, as you can imagine every night during intro’s we were making lots of phone calls to people and people to us so we just wanted a quiete day.
On the Tuesday our SW was visiting in the evening, this would be the 1st time that she wouls meet Munch. She arrived 2 hours late which was even a record for her, then dropped the bomb shell on us that she was leaving and only had a couple of weeks left. She had know for a while but had not wanted to tell us until after intro’s, we were really sad as we really do like her.
The rest of the week passed well, Munch was finding his feet seeing what behaviours and what he could get away with, we stuck very much to the routine he had at the FC’s. We told him about his new school and drove by so that he could see it, he very much could not wait to start and always wanted to drive past, so that in the end even though we had agreed with the school to him having 2 weeks at home before starting, we ended up phoning and asking if he could start at the beginning of the next week, this agreed we took him to visit his school.
One incident that sticks out in my head was taking Munch to Kids Kingdom, a soft play area, he was busy playing and I was sitting in the cafe area having coffee when it suddenly dawned on me that I was sitting there like all the other mothers watching my son enjoying himself and started crying, I felt such an idiot, a few funny looks and are you ok’s, situation explained and home we came.
Munch’s SW visited at the end of the week and was very pleased with how things were going, so that was it really, a very sucsessful first week and very happy parents.

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