Intr’s continued

Day 6 – Today we were having Munch for the day again on our own. Because f the weather everytime that we had taken him with us we had ended up back at the cottage, today we decided that despite the snow we would venture out into the local town. We had a walk around the town, went in a few shops were we found we had to be for our lives watching Munch as he was off at a hundred miles an hour, we had also learnt to check what either of us had said to him as we learnt to our cost that he was good at putting words into our mouths.
after walking around the shops for a for a while it was time to go for something to eat, whilst talking to the FC’s they had told us about a Macdonald’s with as we thought a play area attached, when we got there it was just a Macdonald’s,  he got very angry at this and kept, saying your liars, we explained that we had got it wrong, and when we got it wrong we would say sorry, but we kept saying that we would not lie to him. In the end we went to a pub that had a play area attached just across the road, this had been the play area that the FC’s had been talking about. We had our family feast meal, our first as a family, woo hoo.
After we went to the play area where Munch had a great time before ging back t the cottage. We watched tv for a while had tea, played for a bit before taking Munch back doing bedtime.
Day 7 – Again we picked Munch up and took him back to the cottage, we had the morning in playing, went outside to look at the animals. We then met the FC’s at a Brewsters for our lunch, Munch was so well-behaved here with the FC different from when we had taken him out the day before where he had been up and down all the time, we told him now that we knew he could behave like this, is what we expected from now on.
Afterwards we went t the play area where Munch played, he then went back home with the FC so that they could talk to him and find out how he was feeling as tomorrow we were having our midway review

intro’s continued

Day 3 – Today we were spending the afternoon with Munch at the FC’s. we arrived at about 12 o’clock, we spent all afternoon with him upstairs on our own, we played video games, watched some DVD’s, did jigsaws, played with his guitar and piano that he had had for christmas, we had tea again with him. Tonight i got him ready for bed and did his evening story. Then home to our cottage, another good day.
Day 4 – Today we were having him for the day, we got to FC’s house for breakfast, got him ready then took him out for the day. We started by calling in at the supermarket to pick up a few bits and pieces. He wanted to buy everything, and according to him his FC’s do!! We then went back to the cottage as the weather was so bad, Munch had packed abag of his toys to bring with him, we also had toys that we had brought with us. We had a lovely day playing, he spent a lot of time building his leg lorry that we had bought for him, we had lunch, then we all went out into the garden to play in the snow.  We had tea the took munch back to the FC’s, tonight we did the bathtime routine, got him ready and put him to bed.
Day 5 – Today Munch was going to school, we arrived at the FC’s ready for him to get up, we did the morning routine and then walked with him and FC to school. We then went back to the cottage and caught up on some sleep, I really had not felt to good at all through out the week and had developed a really nasty cough, which was keeping me awake a lot during the night and also I was coughing so much that it was making me sick.
Not long after we had got back to the cottage we recieved a phone call from Munch’s SW saying that BM had been in tuch and said that she wanted to meet us, as we had said that we were prepaired to do this during intro’s. We said that we would drive that day to meet her as long as we were back in time to pick Munch up from school. SW said that he would phone her and arrange it. We never heard anymore until just before we went to pick up Munch, SW phoned to say that he had been trying to get in touch with BM but she either was not answering her phone or it was turned off. Oh well, we were willing.
We picked Munch up from school at 3.30 and took him back to the cottage for tea. We played a little, Munch really liked the fact that we allowed him to play on the computer and had made him his own sign in page. We had tea, then took him back to the FC’s for bedtime routine. Again afterwards we sat talking for ages to the Fc’s.
To be continued…….





Right, thought that I would catch up with an account of our intro’s before they get to far away for me to remember.
I finished work for my adoption leave on the 30th December, it was a really wierd feeling. I think I cried all the way driving into work, we only had 5 days until we met our little boy. I had a lovely last day, everyone brought in food and we had a lovely lunch, everyone was lovely.
My mum came to stay for the week before intro’s started, she helped us get the room ready. It was painted furniture all put together, we had already put togther munch’s cabin bed. the instructions ahd said 45 minuted, 5 hours later we had finished. A couple of days before my mum and i put the finishing touches to the room and made up his Ben 10 bed, i have to say Munch is very tidy, but his room has never looked the same since!!
We had one last big night out on New Years Eve,then a very surreal couple of day’s waiting for the Monday to come, sod’s law on the Sunday, day before intro’s started I woke up with a sore throat and by the evening was really aching, but nothing was going to stop us meating our SON!!!
At last 4th January was here, we got up and packed the car ready. I was not aching, but still did not feel 100%. My mum left at about 9 o’clock and we sat in the kitchen and had our last cup of tea as a couple, the next ime we sat at this table we would be parents. We put the dogs in the car to drop off at the kennels on the way and we were off.
We arrived at our accommodation at about 2 o’clock, we were due at the FC’s at 4 o’clock as Munch was going to school during the day. We had a beautiful barn conversion, but it was in the middle of nowhere and it had snowed really badly, so we were glad that we had a 4×4. We fed FC’s address in to the tom tom, it was 10 minutes drive away, not wanting to be late I made DH leave just after 3 as we did not want to be late did we!! We arrived at just after 3.15, we parked up a little bit down the road and sat freezing in the snow to wait until 4pm.
At about 3.40, we saw the FC turn into the road holding Munch’s hand on the way home for school, we didn’t know what to do I hid my head in my hands. That was him I had seen him, I cried then, was glad that it happened before we went in.
At 4pm we were knocking at the door, the FC answered and asked us in, then Munch appeared from in the living room and stood grinning at us. He wanted to sit with us on the sofa, he had to sit in the middle, he kept leaning on us, and held DH’s hand, he was very chatty. His SW stayed for about 20 minutes then left, we just sat in the living room that night with him, I do remember looking at the clock and hinking, oh my goodness we have only been her 40 minutes, and intro sheet said to visit for 1 1/2 – 2 hours and thinking it would seem for ever, I think that first visit everything is so over whelming. The next thing I knew it was almost 6pm, we felt that we needed to leave then as Munch still had not had his tea. What a brilliant 1st meeting.
Day 2 – Today we were due to go at 4pm again after school, when we woke up it had obviously beensnowing again. We were also meeting with Munch’s maternal grandmother this morning, tom tom again said about 10 minutes to venue, it was snowing really heavy again, we thought that the meeting would be off as MG had to travel a fair way, but thought that we would start making our way, as we did not want to be the ones that did not show, after about 20 minutes we we were not even half way  when Munch’s SW phoned to say that the meeing was off. We were not suprised, we just went and did a bit of shopping and went back to cottage as we were calling it.
We again left in plenty of time to get to FC’s, half way down the lane, there was a stuck car, DH ended up out helping them trying to try and move it. I just wanted to yell at them, get out of my way my litle boy is waiting. Eventually my DH reversed the car down the lane which was on a fairly steep hill down to the bottom, where the car was parked for most of the week before they were able to move it.
We more or less made it on time to the FC’s. We went in, we went upstairs and played with Munch in his room and the play room, he called us by our first names as thats how we had done our intro book, he was very insistant that before we did anything that we asked the FC. We all had tea together, a little more playing, then it was bath and bedtime, I jus watched the FC tonight. Next time it was to be my turn, after Munch was in bed we sat and talked to the FC’s for a long time.
Will carry on with intro’s on next

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