Tomorrow is school photo day, so tonight after school I took Munch to get his hair cut. This is our 3rd visit to the hairdressers since he has been here. It was a much different experience from the last time, he sat and waited nicely on the whole, and only had to be reminded a couple of times to sit back down, the last time we went i was pulling my hair out, he was all over the place, could not sit still, would not listen and generally was making a show of himself for every one who was watching, needless to say  I was really pleased with him afterwards.
Another thing that has been happening this last week is that Munch has been going off to play on his own with no encouragement, he has been and played on his own before but has needed to be encouraged to do so, so I have seen this as an big improvement.
We had a very angry moment with Munch last night. He came down from his bath to watch TV as he normally does each evening, daddy was on the sofa where he normally sits and in true Munch still, demanded that daddy move, and that it was his TV and he wanted his programme on, Munch can be very demanding and quite agressive in the way that he says hese things, this put daady’s back up who pointed out to Munch that his was not the way to talk to us, or they way to ask for anything, Munch choose to not want to take on board what we where saying to him, and had one of his angry out bursts shouting that he had asked nicely and ad not demanded, we had lots of tears and shouting, TV was taken away for him, he decided that if we did not let him watch the TV, he was going to throw all my ironing which I had done on the floor starting to pull at it (he really would not do it as we know he has not got it in him at the moment). I told him that he does not get things by threatening to do things, which made him say, I will do it and pull a it again, I sent him up to his room.
He came down saying that he was not going to his room and when I told him to do as he was told and to go back up, he lashed out and hit me, so he was sent back up and told this time to get into bed which, I think he realised that he had now pushed it too far and did what he was told.
I left him for about 10 minutes and went up and spoke to him, I said if he had calmed down he could come down and have his supper, which he did and was back to his normal happy self, like nothing had happened!!!
Hubby and I have spoken today and have decided that from now on and so that we are both doing the same thing, is that from now on we are going to use time in as a consequence for bad behaviour, Munch will be sat on a chair in the kitchen for 6 mins (his age) and we will stay in there with him.
One last thing after story, Munch always messes around when we are saying goodnight, pushing for more time wanting to do different things etc, I have decided that from now on we will be having a hug and a kiss goodnight and that is it, if he wishes to mess around I shall just say goodnight and leave. Before I have always gone back when he callls when I have left as I really dont like the thought of not saying goodnight properly, this I think has been the problem and he knows that. Tonight I told him from ow on just a hug and kiss goodnight, he tried messing so I just left the room saying goodnight, love you and that was it did not go back, and I shall do that each night from now on even if it means that we dont have a hug and kiss.

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