Granny’s Visit

Well we have had granny here for a week now. Munch was very excited that granny was coming, but we have had a week of extremely difficult behaviour. He really does not cope with change well. He has been diffiant, pushing all the boundries, his behaviour at school has gone backwards.
On one hand I am glad that granny has seen what he can be like, but on the other hand it is such hard work. We went to the Natural History Musuem on Saturday,Munch really tested.
We are going to take Granny home on Saturday and stay for a few days. I am sure that this will be a big thing again as there will be more family members to see. I think we are at a difficult stage, where he cannot cope with the change in routine, but I feel that we also cannot have family to stay or us stay away from them.
When we come back from our visit there are a few things that we are going to change regarding routine, we are going to sit and discuss some of our tactic’s of dealing with his behaviour so that we are both doing the same thing.
Watch this space……………..

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