2 Episodes

Well what can I say, over Thursday and Friday we had angry outbursts on both days. On Thursday he had said to me at one point in the morning that I had sworn at him, when I asked what I had said he spelt F A D so I said that I had not said that word and that it was not a swear word anyway he then yes F U C is a swear word, I did not make a fuss, I just said that I had not said that word as we do not use them sort of words in this family, I also pointed out that it was no nice to say that people have said things when they have not.
We had our SW visit during the afternoon which went well, then in the early evening hubby and Munch had a bit of a spat upstairs, Munch again was very angry and was shouting that his dad had called him a ‘fucker’ which he had not, we eventually got him to calm down and again explained that it was not nice to say people had said things tha they had not.
Friday we had a relatively good day up until bedtime when his cousin phoned just before his bedtime, Munch thought that he was going to be able to go on the computer with her, but as it was bedtime I said he could talk to her but it was to late for the computer, he did not want to talk to her so I spoke for a few minutes, at this he started howling and crying and shouting, so I said that I had to go. Asked what he wanted for supper he said ha he wanted nothing he had already had supper!! His way of being awkward, I said fine we will have our story then, the dog came up and st infront of him, and he just hit her on the head really hard, I told him that he was not going to take his anger out on he dog, to go upstairs with no story, he screamed, shouted, went to lash out put managed to stop himself just short of hiting, refused to ge into bed, kept following me downstairs. So I have to say I lost it, a pulled him up the stairs and physically lifted him up into his cabin bed, I think a this point he knew he had gont to far because altough he kept calling out to me he never got out of bed again.
Once I had calmed down I went upstairs to talk to him, he apologised and kept saying he was sorry, he hen started saying that he was evil and scramming at his face, I told him that he was not evil, I said that me and his daddy loved him very much, some of his behaviour makes us sad, but we love him very much.
Then Saturday we had one of the best days we have had since Munch came home, he was funny and playful, was a pleasure to be with, and made us very proud to have him as our son.

Home from Granny’s

Well we got back from Granny’s yesterday, we had a lovely few days, we went to the beach one day then the following day we visited some caves that had dinosaur’s as well. For he whole time we were there Munch was very challanging to put it mildly. My cousin’s daughter came with us and stayed for a couple of nights, Munch was very demanding of her time, was constantly cuddling and clinging to her which she was very uncomfortable with, he told her that he  liked his other cousin best, all done with the intention of hurting.
It is very difficult, as we were the ones with the transport, we would not have done these outing with Munch behaving as he was, but you feel like you cannot not let the others down when you have told them what we were doing. Munch I think knew this and played on it. I then felt like I was being critisised for doing things our way.
Before we went to Wales we had decided that we were going to do all the routine things like morning routine, bedtime routine ect, which we did stick to and on future visits will happen from the off.
Myself and Munch are going on holiday in a caravan in 8 weeks time with granny and big cousin, but I have already decided and told them that after the last 2 weeks, I will be keeping it very low key and as close to home routine as possible, granny and cousin can go and do things and we will join in a couple of times, bu other wise we will be having a very quiete holiday.
The funny thing was that as soon as we turned the corner on leaving granny’s we got our Munch back and he has been really good since, still has his little quirks, but has dropped the attitude.
Have his SW visiting later to day so we will see what happens later.