Home from Granny’s

Well we got back from Granny’s yesterday, we had a lovely few days, we went to the beach one day then the following day we visited some caves that had dinosaur’s as well. For he whole time we were there Munch was very challanging to put it mildly. My cousin’s daughter came with us and stayed for a couple of nights, Munch was very demanding of her time, was constantly cuddling and clinging to her which she was very uncomfortable with, he told her that he  liked his other cousin best, all done with the intention of hurting.
It is very difficult, as we were the ones with the transport, we would not have done these outing with Munch behaving as he was, but you feel like you cannot not let the others down when you have told them what we were doing. Munch I think knew this and played on it. I then felt like I was being critisised for doing things our way.
Before we went to Wales we had decided that we were going to do all the routine things like morning routine, bedtime routine ect, which we did stick to and on future visits will happen from the off.
Myself and Munch are going on holiday in a caravan in 8 weeks time with granny and big cousin, but I have already decided and told them that after the last 2 weeks, I will be keeping it very low key and as close to home routine as possible, granny and cousin can go and do things and we will join in a couple of times, bu other wise we will be having a very quiete holiday.
The funny thing was that as soon as we turned the corner on leaving granny’s we got our Munch back and he has been really good since, still has his little quirks, but has dropped the attitude.
Have his SW visiting later to day so we will see what happens later.

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