Just a Little Update

Well its been a few weeks since I lasted posted and things here have been going well, hubby and Munch seem to be geting along much better, or should I say that hubby is much calmer with Munch and looks a lot happier in himself.
After a really bad few weeks what with Granny visiting and us visiting her, then Grampy visiting it all got to much, and we had some bad times with our precious very venurable little Munch, so we went back to basic’s and this seem’s to have worked. We have had a much calmer little boy.
Over last weekend we went to a friends BBQ and out the next day to watch the awful England-Germany game, Munch was a bit ott for the next few days but has calmed back down again.
We had done our 1st letterbox contact, they just need printing and sending now. I told Munch we were doing thema nd asked if he would like to do a picture to include to which he said no.
It is almost 6 months since our 1st meeting with our wonderful little man, and we would not be with out him now, love you Munch xx

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