Good Times

Well I have probebly jinks us now, but at the moment we can really see how Munch has come on.
On Friday I took him and the dog to our local Country Park, what a different boy I had to the one who would have been there a couple of months ago. He played with the dog, did not moan that it was raining, laugh when the dog took sticks out of his hands instead of having a tantrum as he would have not so long ago, he ran with the dog no crying because the dog could run faster.
Saturday we had a family day to legoland, Munch was well behaved, he had the odd moment, but I can proudly say nothing as bad as some of the children we saw there!!!!! He quequed well, the only thing was that at the moment he is very materialistic and because we had said that we would buy him some lego on the way out, he kept asking to go home!!
Sunday was a little trying, but not to bad

1st Holiday

Well our 1st holiday has been and gone, myself, Munch, my mum and niece went away for a week in a caravan on a site in Cornwall. We had to pick my mum and niece up on the way and it put a good couple of hours on the journey so we left early which ment Munch being woke up at 5.30am. He was a bit grouchy in the morning but not to bad.
We picked up my mum and niece, Munch and my niece bickered most of the way, she is an only child and the both wanted what the other had.
When we got there Munch was so excited I though that he was going to burst. Our van wasnt ready and we had to wait for a couple of our until it was so we had a look around the site and then when into he club and had a drink whilst we were waiting. Buy the time we were able to get our keys Munch was very tired and was getting very grouchy and uncoperative, whilst in the reception Munch was having a paddy, and carried on for a while, this was very mild compaired to the ones he can have, but my mum was shocked.
We went to the caravan calmed him down then went out for tea and back to the caravan, where Munch had another mini meltdown.
The following evening we went to the club and whilst there Munch had a meltdown, hitting, kicking, holding on to things when trying to leave!!! This really shocked my mum, I don’tthink it matters how much you tell people they do not understand.
The whole week Munch was really in hyper mode, and putting on a show for the others, when on our own he was much calmer. But the rest of the wee went wit out incident until the last night when we had another meltdown and then on the way home.
From the minute we got home though, he visuable seemed to relax and became extremely helpful and pleasent.
We are now looking forward to our 3 night break we have booked in October, where it will just be Munch and mummy and daddy. I thin he will be much calmer with just us xx