It’s Been to Long!!

Well as the title says it has been to long, and I really must try and up date mote often.
Munch is back at school now after his summer holidays. I enjoyed the spending the holiday’s with him, we did lots of days out and were generally on the go all the time.
The last week and a half before going back to school were very trying, he was anxiuos about going back, but Munch being Munch would not show it!!! We had several meltdowns, one when Daddy’s brother and his wife were visiting from australia. He was very excited about going to school on Tuesday morning and was up early, raring to go. We had about 2 hours of very angry behaviour after school, but yesterday was fine.
We now have funding for his therapist to start sometime soon, she is away till Monday so have not been able to get in touch with her, and hopefully the school will have got the funding for their Nuture group, and we are hoping all these things will help Munch.
At home we have started a book called the Family Rule book, in it we have wrote out our daily routine for school and none school days, we then have listed behaviours that are not exceptable and what concequense will have to be done for that behaviour, Munch contributed and even added some behaviour himself, and I am sure it will be a never ending list. We are writing it all down inthe book, and MUnch will recieve a star for everyday that he does not get a concequence, when he has recieved 15 stars, as e reward e will beable to choose something to buy. It is early days at the moment, and no stars earn since we started it.
Watch this space………….. 

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