Meeting Play Therapist

Today Munch went to school with no incidents.
Today we had his SW and our SW visiting, we had not told Munch yet as he tends to get worked up about his SW visiting. I had decided to tell him when I picked him up from school.
Our SW came 1st and we had a chat about how things were going, then his SW arrived and sprang it on us that the play therapist who is going to be working with Munch was also coming. We had a chat about how things were going and recent developments, and showed both SW’s the recent contact letter we had recieved fro birth granny. We have dicided to put any letters we recieve away until we feel Munch is ready.
I went and picked Munch up and our SW left before he got home,  Munch was reasonably well behaved infront of his SW but did his usual acting up when people are around, nothing to bad though.
Daddy too munch out before the play therapist arrived, she was really nice asked lots of questions, did a big long list of questions that after 6 sessions we will look at again. Then asked what were the 4 things we most wanted to achieve, I said to lessen the very angry violent outbursts, and to have more of a normal family life, SW said for him to make friends with confidence and for this placement to stay together.
Munch and daddy came home just before the PT left and his SW introduced her and told him what she was all about!!!
Rest of the evening went well, but poor Munch was really sick in bed that night, which I am sure was brought on by the visits

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