Weekend Away

On Friday we were going to Wales to stay with Granny which Munch had been counting down the sleeps to, we were going to leave straight from school, but as he had been really sick the night before and therefore up most of the night we decided to keep him off school, much to his anoyence as he likes school so we were able to leave slightly earlier.
Munch always travels well in the car and will play his DS or watch a video, so an un eventful journey., and an un eventful night at granny’s.
Next day we went to the seaside for the day where he insisted on spending all the money he had on a cap gun. We all had a game of Crazy Golf which he really enjoyed and was very good at and much to his pleasure beat us both. The law was laid down about where and when he could use it.
Back at granny’s Munch was on his best behavior for most of the evening, until it came to bed time then we had a bit of a wobble over weeing on the floor.
Sunday went well, Munch enjoyed the birthday party very much, we left later than we ment to.

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