Sunday 2nd October

Today Munch was knocking on the bedroom door at 7.40 even after his late night, I asked him to go back to his bed but he wanted to get in so I allowed him to and let him put on the tv until 9am when we got up, but not afer him asking every 15 minutes ‘when are we getting up’. We are going to put his clock back in his room this week and point out 9am on it and give him a star if he stays in his bedroom until then on a Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday is computer day so Munch was straight on it this morning, he was good when asked to use it on his own, he did ask a couple of times for help but on the whole got on with it.

In the afternoon we went to Kids Kingdom which he always enjoys, i get to sit and read and drink coffee, Munch will come over ever so often to check in. He gets ver hot and sweaty and normally within not long of being there has made friends with someone.

We did the healthy Macdonald’s afterwards then came home. We had 3/4 hour till bath time and Munch asked to phone his cousin, she was doing her home work, he had been warned that this could be the case, but still he made a fuss and created, my SIL on hearing said that cousin would have break from homework for 1/2 hour until his bath time. I would have said no as I feel that he needs to know that sometimes you cannot just have things your own way, but in the end let him. He listened well whilst on the phone so was told he could have a star.

After bath and tv, we had usual bedtime routine and I read him a boo about the colour of love that the play therapist had given to us, with some coloured fathers so that I could touch him with them, for most of the story he listened well, but afterwards was quite stroppy saying that i was a rubbish book that there was no such thing as love, messed around with cuddle and kiss, got distraught when I said that if he didn’t want to do it nicely I was going, I did then get a cuddle and kiss of some sort.

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