Mummy’s Going Out

Today started ok, we had breakfast then went upstairs to get changed. Munch decided to go in and wake daddy even though asked not to and ended up getting counted to 3 so had to do his time-out. We got off  with out a hitch after that.

After school we went to his Express It class, Munch was all over the place there today, was unable to listen and at times very uncooperative.

We went home where Munch played football with daddy then went on the computer before dinner. During dinner Munch again was in one of his moods, he pu loads of tomato sauce on his dinner when asked not to, was putting large pieces of food into his mouth and claiming not to be able to cut them, when I went to help he shouted that I had moved his sauce and then kept pushing food of his plate and crying tha all his food was falling off his plate, he was given a count of 3 and told to go and sit on his chair, at this he exploded, he hit and kicked and was swearing, daddy shouted at him which just makes things worse, I removed him from the kitchen into the living room, the lifted him and carried him to his bedroom and stayed with him until he calmed down, he lay on his bed so I told him to lay there for 5 minutes and calm down. I came downstairs and after 5 minutes called him down to finish his dinner which he did nicely. Then went outside and played with football with daddy.

I was going out to an AUK meeting and had told Reece so on our way home from school, we realised that this is what had triggered his behaviour this evening, it was the change in his routine, or rather the change in person doing his routine, it was different to how it normally happens and Munch finds change really difficult.

After I had gone, the rest of the evening until bedtime went ok, Munch being Munch, tried it on with just about everything by the sounds of it, bet then again, that’s my boy!!!

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