This morning went without a hitch, apart from me from me forgetting  Munch’s school bag.

After dropping Munch off I went off to finish the shopping for his birthday party tomorrow and pick up his fab pirate cake.

After school Munch got changed and played on the computer as he was allowed as we were going out later, he was asked to get on with it himself so that I could get on with preparing for tomorrow, he asked for help a few times and wanted me to do somethings for him, but mostly got on with it.

We went out a little later to a friend’s house to pick up some bits for his party, Munch and my friend’s daughter played together they did a bit lively but at  times. We all had tea together then they wanted to play on the Wii. Munch played nicely for a while but then started to get whiney when things were not going his way, I though that this was a good time to say our goodbyes and leave.

At home we had supper straight away and straight up to bed, where I helped to undress and put his PJ’s on, he did not want a kiss or cuddle, so I kissed his cuddly dog and asked him to give it to Munch in he night when he was asleep.

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