Birthday Party

Well on Saturday we did our 1st birthday party. We decided to have it at home because when we asked Munch if he wanted to ask fiends from school, he said that he did not want to because he did not thin that anyone would want to come to his party, he has very low self-esteem, so we decided to just invite family and friends with children. We just had a bouncy castle and put on a buffet, we didn’t do any party games as we did no want to make it to intense for Munch.

Poor Munch all morning had to amuse himself as we were so busy getting things ready, several times we ended up saying we were busy for his party and he needed to let us get on, he was very good though and on the whole did.

He was very excited when his bouncy castle arrived and then we showed him his cake, he tied to look unimpressed, bu underneath we could see him smiling.

The party went very well and we were very proud of Munch and how he behaved, we only had 2 little wobbles, which me and him went upstairs for some quiet time on our own. I had told him his is what we would do if it was all getting too much, and both times he came with out argument.

After he party Munch played on he computer until bedtime, he was still very excited from the party and called down several times, in the end saying he had a headache and a temperature. He ended up sleeping in our bed!!

Sunday we stayed in all day, he was a little hyper in he morning, but did calm down later. Afer he busy day and lack of sleep on Saturday we put him to bed earlier in the evening. Just afer he had gone to bed one of daddy’s friends called round. Munch spent the whole time they were here calling down, to afraid to miss out on something.

Today has been a good day, great morning, was a bit off with his reading this evening, but afer getting 7 minutes time out he read much better. We did special play afer this, he ate dinner lovely and he rest of the evening went very well. That was apart from hug and kiss at light out, and that was more me getting the hump, now I feel really bad. One good thing though no calling down tonight.

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