Well we have had a good couple of days, so we are all happy.

Today we went to our usual Express it group, it’s run at our local children’s centre and it’s aim is to help children to express their emotions in a safe way. Today they were doing safe combat, this was acting out punching, kicking etc in a controlled none contact way. Munch got very agitated by this and very uncooperative, I voiced my concerns that may be this was triggering bad memory’s for Munch, and the group facilitator changed what they were doing straight away. Munch was a little more cooperative, but still a little wobbly and was very immature emotionally for the rest of the session.

Once home Munch was much better and we had a good rest of the evening until afer bed where he called down several times, until I have to say I ended up losing it and shouting at him, que me feeling really bad and a little voice calling down once more ‘sorry mummy’.

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