Good day but!!!!

This morning Munch knocked a couple of times on the bedroom door and had to be sent back to bed. Once we got up we had a good morning routine, right up till getting dressed then right out of the blue he kicked me, as per norm it was straight to a 3 and time out. He protested that it had been an accident, I just said that it had not been and kicking was unacceptable, so go and do your 7 minutes, which he did.

After school we went to his club, he was well-behaved today so earned a star. At home he was good, apart from when I was helping him on the computer, he was leaning on me and a kisses him on his head, so he spat in my face, again straight to 3 and time out, and told tha spitting again was unacceptable behaviour and he could have just told me not to kiss him. After this the rest of the evening went without incident and was very pleasant!

2 stars earnt today, bringing total to 39. 1 for good behaviour at club – 1 for no calling out once in bed.

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