And half term hols start

Good morning, I was feeling much better, although still have a raging sore throat. Just one knock this morning and sent back to room.

Hubby and I had been talking about things we wanted to do with Munch leading up to Christmas, and one of them was to take him to Harrods Santa’s Grotto, there was me thinking how good and early I was looking to book this, there was not one weekend booking left!!!! I then looked at Selfridges and have now booked for here 10 days before Christmas on a day we can go after school. I have also booked for one of the local shopping centres for the 23d December. I am very excited now.

Picked up from school and told that he would need to entertain himself for a while as I needed to get on as needed to catch up with things. Munch played on his DS and Wii for a while, I then let him on the computer just before dinner. He asked for help a few times but on the whole got on with it, we had a few cheeky moments and him trying to control, we had 1 time-out, I have said from now on he is o do it on the stairs rather than the chair as he is constantly opening and closing cupboards and doing things he should not, he moved without any opposition, surprise surprise.

After dinner Munch asked if we could experiment, so out came the red food colouring, ‘red’ orange squash made, ‘red’ banana milkshake, ‘red’ chips, ‘red’ pasta, very ‘red’ hands, oh and my nice pine table is now ‘red’!!!!!!! He really enjoyed this though and did very well so star awarded.

After that he showered himself and watched tv for an hour before his later bedtime as no school tomorrow. We let him have an extra hour on none school nights in the hope that he will sleep in a little later, never works though, so have once again pointed to the 9am on his clock and said that he can knock then, we will see!!!


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