Today was our 1st Halloween together, after getting this morning ran very smoothly, and as Munch was on his best behaviour off we went to buy some things for Halloween that we had not been able to get yesterday. It was a good day to buy as everything was half price. We picked up a few bits then went off to the supermarket to get lunch.

When in there they were doing face painting for Halloween so Munch had his face painted as a Devil, shopping got and off we went home, no incidents today thank goodness. In the car granny asked Munch what he was going to say at people’s door’s and he said ‘Merry Christmas’ which made as all laugh.

At home we set about carving our pumpkin, then decorated for Halloween, Munch was very excited and could not wait for it to get dark so that he could go Trick or Treating.

I was getting the dinner ready in the kitchen and gave Munch a bag of prawn cracker’s that had come with the Chinese that the adults had for tea, Munch finds it really hard to share anything, not just because he is very emotionally immature in some area’s but also because of some of the things that happened to him in his early years and we have worked hard and patiently to help him in this area, but we are fighting an up hill battle and we are taking it slowly and gradually he is improving. Whilst I was doing the dinner I could hear granny asking Munch to give her one to which Munch would not, she kept on and Munch kept saying no, before I could intervene, I think that granny took the crackers of Munch, as all I heard was a lot of screaming and granny saying ‘hear take them I don’t want one know, your spiteful and nasty’ or words to that effect anyway, when I came in the living room Munch’s nose was bleeding, granny said that she had put her hands up to defend herself, which I have no doubt that she had to, but I was so angry and said we have worked hard, and do no want the little progress we have made undone!!!

Munch watched TV quietly until it was time o go Trick or Treating, we were out for 1 1/2 hours and he did very well and had a very full pumpkin bucket. Back home we had dinner really late, I had just told Munch he had 10 minutes until bed when daddy phoned and said that he was on his way home so Munch was allowed to stay up and have 10 minutes with daddy then it was off to bed. I was called to put cream on to Munch and not heard a peep since.

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