The Morning After.

This morning started well but seemed to disintegrate whilst Munch was getting dressed, at the moment we are indulging him and helping him get himself dresses even though he is very capable of doing it himself, this is so that we can help him to get back some of the things that he missed out on when he was younger, this morning he decided that he was going to throw his socks at me in an aggressive way, so I said that I would not help him put them on, he then started to do a high-pitched scream in a very babyish way, I asked him to stop and he spoke to me in a very aggressive way, so new that was a very rude  you used, that is not allowed, step. After step back up to get dressed, Munch was still acting much younger and doing a lot of squealing, downstairs he was rude again so back on step, this ment we were going to be late for school, he does not like being late, and I have to say we have only ever been late once before after he had one of his big meltdown’s, all through his time on the step he kept saying about being late but I stuck to it, afterwards I said that he had chosen to speak to me with a rude voice, he know’s that it is not allowed and what the consequence is, that it was down to him to tell his teacher why he was late, and maybe in future he will remember that. As it was we were not that late inly a few minutes so he will have been in class by register.

This evening he has been a star, he played nicely in his room until dinner, then had his computer afterwards, bathed and is now watching TV until supper at 8.30 as it’s Friday. I have every confidence that supper and bedtime is going to go just as smoothly as it has until now. Right I might as well join him watching Phineas and Ferb.

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