Putting up The Christmas Tree

The morning started well, we had no visits before the alarm went off from Munch, he was in bed watching TV when I got up we came down had breakfast, Munch opened his 1st Advent window on his Toy Story Advent calender, had a text from school to say they were open, then the phone call I knew we would get but didn’t want, Munch’s SW phoned to say the review was off and that they would re schedule once they could all get back to their office’s. Lets hope it’s not to long.

Munch watched TV in the living room for a while then we went to get ready, after we had a couple of things to still get for his Mr Men alphabet challenge thing, I really must get more organised we were running around like headless chicken’s, then Munch kicked his glass that he had placed on the floor in the living room and it smashed, by now we were running late, into the car, it was icy and I mean ice, not frost that could be scrapped. Munch has a thing about being late, and kept going on and on to go, I have to admit not much therapeutic parenting went on at tha moment because I am sure the whole road heard me shout. Anyway Munch is now safely deposited at school, a little late, but none the less there.

Was a good job the review was cancelled because when I got home from dropping Munch at school I was so tired I ended up having a sleep on the sofa for almost 2 hours. Then when I woke up went to put Sky on and found the TV was not working, no picture no sound, tried everything to no avail, hubby got up and had a look, nothing, by now hubby was excited because he thinks we are off out to buy a 3D TV to replace it. Me , I get on the internet to find out how much to repair it, found a man local who would come out today and it would be between £80 – £150, which is much better than £1,000 for a new 3D TV. Along came the man, looked at the TV, asked for the remote control, doesn’t work say’s I because the dog ate it when we 1st got it, picked it up anyway off the sofa and pressed the stand-by button and bugger me, didn’t the TV turn on!!!!! I honestly thought that it did not work, I have not used it in an age, I must have caught in when laying on the sofa, how stupid did I feel, and fair play to the man when hubby asked how much did we owe him for coming out he only asked for a £5, doh!!!

Film club was cancelled after school because of the weather so I picked Munch up at 3pm, looked in his bag for his reading book none, so had a word with his teacher to tell her he had not been bringing it home.

Back at home Munch was very excited to see daddy and was all cuddles for him, he then when and got his 2 Advent Calender’s to show daddy, he then opened his 2nd calender, I have said he can do 1 before school and 1 after. We then had a family game of Monopoly for 1/2 hr. Munch was beginning to get a bit whingy so we stopped before it got out of hand.

I then got on with dinner whilst Munch and daddy got the Christmas Tree and decorations out of the shed. Munch wanted to do the tree, but all the time kept saying, it’s rubbish, why have we got o put it up, it’s to small, the lights are rubbish, I can’t do it, then he would forget and be very excited about it before remembering to be grumpy, we just talked him though it, he just find’s it so hard to accept anything nice, the bit he did enjoy and we had no moan about at all was putting the star on top of the tree. It’s very hard not to take it to heart when he is moaning and groaning and putting everything down, when you are doing your very best to make thing’s nice for him, and also I think we have such expectation’s and it’s one of the thing’s you dream of when you going through he adoption process, that very 1st family Christmas, but we have to remember how far Munch has come in this 1st year, he is still finding it very hard to trust us, and the fact that we can see little bits of trust creeping in, this was a child we have to remember, he had over 22 moves that we know of before he came to us, and that is just a very tiny bit of his past he has to deal with.

We had dinner, a lovely Chicken Curry, Munch ate well, he said that he didn’t think he was going to like it but is was good.

We hen all got dressed up to go and have a look at a house on they way to Munch’s school that was done up like the house from the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, they had a big sign outside for weeks saying that they were switching them on today, what I didn’t realise was that they were having like an official switch on and there were crowds of people there, on the way Munch asked if we could have a ‘family’ snowball fight, which we did, but by the time we got there he was very excited and a little hyper, so we were constantly trying to get him to calm down, once the lights came on all Munch had to say in a very loud voice, there boring, so we left, and told him that we were leaving because it’s not nice to rude when people had gone to so much effort for others.

It was 6.45pm by the time we got in, me and hubby had decided that we were going to move Munch’s bedtime to 8pm as off tonight and we had spoken to Munch about it earlier on and given him the choice of having a later bath and 1/2hr of TV or go in the bath at the same time and he would have an hour of TV before bed. Munch choose the latter. Because of the time we got in, I told Munch that as it was late although he was still having the later bedtime, he would only have 1/2 hour TV as he needed a bath, he asked could he have a shower so that he could still have an hour TV, sorted, rest of the evening went well and Munch never even called down.

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