One Happy Boy

After feeling so bad yesterday, I felt much better today, hubby got up at7.30 to go o work and I could hear him talking with Munch in his bedroom, they both went downstairs and I had a blissful 1/2 on my own in bed. when daddy was on his way out to work, Munch came and got in bed with me and put on cartoon network, our peace didn’t lat long as daddy was banging around downstairs because he could not find his glasses and like everything else it was all everybody else fault bar his own, so we ended up getting up to look for the glasses.

Daddy eventually went off to work, Munch had an hour on the computer, then we got ready to go and do our bit of Christmas shopping in preparation for our visit to Grampy’s tomorrow, shopping was done, lunch was had in a nice little cafe, then we went to the card shop, at the till as we had a grand-dad card, lady said do you want this grand-dad mug for a £1.00, yes please said Munch, mug bought for grand-dad, as you have spent over £10 you can have this teddy bear for £4.99, yes please said Munch, now I was happy to buy the teddy for him, but I do think its a liberty the way that they are pushed in front of the children’s faces like that in these shops!!! Bit of food shopping and home, we phoned granny and both myself and the Munch had a nice chat with her and Munch is now watching Cloudy with Meatball’s, so I am going to get on with a bit of the housework whilst he is quiet.

Munch played and built some great things with his Lego after the film, we then had dinner and played a few games of Junior Monopoly till daddy came home and he took over playing with him. Munch was in a fab mood and was very giggly through out.

We had supper, story, snuggle time and Munch is now fast asleep. He was disappointed as Grampy had phoned to say that the weather forecast in his area was bad for tomorrow and as it’s a good 3 hour drive, we have decided not to go and he was looking forward to going, but we have said that we will go for a whole weekend rather than just a day in the New Year.

We have had a great day today Munch has been very happy today, very smiley, has asked for hugs and kisses, has been telling jokes and just been a joy to be with, it’s days like today that keep us going.

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