Good Day, But No Carol Service!!

Things went well this morning, Munch was in a good mood, he even told me he had no TV this morning because he had come into our bedroom. We went out in plenty of time fo school, then the dreaded iced up windscreen, I forgot again, so sitting there like lemon’s waiting fo it to defrost, luckily daddy pulled up in his cab and we jump out of the car into daddy’s taxi.

Our SW phoned today to find out how the review had gone, so filled her in a bit on what has been happening, she is going o get on to Munch’s SW an rearrange the review date for ASAP, but realistically not expecting it until the New Year now. I also got round to phoning for Disability Living allowance forms, so we will see if we are entitled to that, as I have had to give up work.

Picked Munch up from school, we came home, did his reading first, he was not in a very cooperative mood, he read slowly, struggled with words that I know he know’s, tried  to miss out whole pages, so I just let him carry on, and wrote in his reading diary how he had done, and read out to him what I had written. After that he got changed had 1/2 on the computer then went upstairs to play until tea time, we had stew, Munch did not want dumplings so I asked if he would like a slice of bread, which he did, he made me laugh because he did not dip the bread into the gravy, he made himself a sandwich with the vegetables from the stew!!

We had 1/2 of Junior Monopoly, we each won 1 game each before getting ready fo the Beaver’s Carol Service, off we went, I had not been able to find the letter telling us where it was, but knew it had said to park in a certain Iceland’s car park because it was near, I though thee would be others attending who would be parking there but the car park was very quiet, we walked around and around, there were no near by churches or hall’s where Beaver’s could be held, we even got in the car and had a drive around, nothing. We eventually gave up and headed home, I felt extremely bad, next time I will make a note of where so that if the letter goes missing I know where thing’s are. On the way home we called into Morrison’s and I let Munch pick something as I had made him miss his Carol Service, I was disappointed too as I was looking forward to our 1st Carol Service together. Munch chose a Lego set.

At home we watched a bit of TV before the bedtime, had a good bedtime routine tonight I did his teeth again and Munch was in bed all nicely tucked up, daddy came home at 9.45 and we heard banging and Munch appeared on the stairs very tearful, I asked him what was a matter he was very sleepy and just leaned on me, I asked if he had a bad dream and he nodded, daddy came and carried Munch back to his bed and he has been fast asleep since.

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