14/12 – Still Coughing

Munch got up and we had a good morning, Munch kept asking not to go to school which has become a recurring theme at the moment, one he gets there he is fine, makes a change from when he was first here and he could not wait to get to school.

Once home from school we did his reading which he did well, because of being away for the weekend and Munch having been off the day before I had somethings that I wanted to catch up on so sent Munch upstairs to play for a while, I also think it does him good to have to go and play on his own for a while. After having been upstairs for a while he came down with a present for me, he had used the wrapping paper he had taken upstairs a few day’s before and wrapped up one of his empty box’s, he had a post it note on it saying to mum love Reece, how lovely was that!!

As he was a bit under the weather I gave him the choice of whether he went to Beaver’s tonight or not, it is not normally an option, he opted to stay at home and asked to phone his cousin to see if she wanted to go on Club Penguin for a while. I tried phoning several times but the line was always busy, in the end with about 10 minutes to spare Munch asked if it was too late to go to Beaver’s, so ready we got him and off we went. I was really glad he had when we got there as it was the last Beaver’s before Christmas and they were having their Christmas Party, I had though that next week was the last one because Munch is still at school.

When I picked him up he came with his Yule Log they had made, a lovely Christmas cup filled with sweets and a Santa please stop here sign he had made.

Supper and bed when we got in, Munch was still coughing extremely well!!!!

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