17/12 – Lets try and Wind Mummy Up!

This morning when I went into Munch’s room, the light was on, he was in bed making out to be asleep but he had a huge grin on his face. I played along and pretended to wake him up, I said I was going down to put on his toast, he said he wanted a lay in, so downstairs I went and put on his toast. Munch called downstairs to say he only wanted one piece, so I just did him one piece, when he came down he said he didn’t wan any breakfast, I could just see by the look on his face what sort of mood he was in and I was not playing, ok don’t eat it if you don’t want to, and he started eating, can I have a yogurt instead he asked, ok said I and got 1 out, look of shock on his face, no I don’t want it now he say’s, ok say’s I and put it back. I’m going to give my toast to the dog say’s he, ok say’s I, Munch ate his toast. Upstairs we went to get ready, I’m not brushing my teeth say’s he, ok say’s I and put his tooth-brush on the sink, he brushed his teeth, I’m not having a wash say’s he, ok say’s I and walked away, he washed. After that he I realised that he just was getting now where and gave up.

It had snowed a little the day before so when we went out to the car, 1st we could not open the doors as they were frozen, then when we finally managed to get in, the windscreen was so icy that the de-icer was not de-icing. I did what I could and just had to put the heater on the window and wha for it to get to work, so despite having left early we ended up a few minutes late.

Me and daddy went off to by a Santa suit in the afternoon as hubby is playing Santa Claus on Thursday at the Children’s Centre’s Christmas Party as their original Santa had let them down and they could not find anyone else to do it, we said that we would provide the suit as they have done so much for us and helped our little one no end over the last 12 months.

Picked Munch up, at home we sat for a good 2 hours making up the Lego figures, that he had received of Grampy in the post today, he still finds it very hard to receive anything and did his usual of saying it was rubbish, I know that this is a defence mechanism kicking in on his part, but it really is staring to grate on me, I cannot bare un-gratefulness. So have said that I am going to tell people to stop sending him things.

After that he had his computer time whilst I cooked a lovely Nigella Lawson Cheese Risotto, then it was bath, TV, supper and bed.

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