Boxing Day

This morning Munch came into us at 8am and asked if he could put his X Box on, we said as it was not a school morning he could, 1/2 later he came and asked if he coud put a DVD on using his X Box, yes said we.

At 9am daddy got up and very kindly said for me to have a lay in and he would deal with Munch, after Munch jumping on the bed several times and the dog doing her bit as well 30 minutes later I gave up and went down.

After Munch having been our very own little star yesterday, today he was full of attitude, 4 times he ended up on the step, for shouting at us, demanding things, and generally trying to control. We knew we needed to do the step before things got to much, we have learnt that we need to get on top before he does. It seemed to do the trick and calmed Munch down.

Me and Munch played a couple of his games he had received yesterday, then Munch and Daddy took his big Ford Truck over to the side road across the road as it is very quiet and has a large area at the end, I was just settling down with a coffee and the computer when back they came the battery needed charging again, it must have lasted a whole 40 minutes in total, so back on for another 8 hours of charging. Daddy said Munch had been very good and had not even made a fuss when he had crashed it into the wall.

Back at home, Munch went around recording what me and daddy were saying on his spy pen, he played with the garage and cars for a while before going on the computer to play his recordings off his spy pen. He stayed on there for a bit and after lunch Munch decided to watch the 1st film from his Trilogy of Spy Kid film’s. He is now upstairs on the landing with all the empty box’s from yesterday, his Spy Recording Pen and some binoculars. I am going to make the most of it and make a coffee and put my feet up and watch some TV that I want to watch for a moment.

Well Munch was upstairs for almost 2 hours in the end, and what was he doing, making things with the box’s!!!!

We put on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which I have to say Munch watched and I dozed through, towards the end, I woke up and felt very sick and was very sick!!! Don’t know what that was about and I have been fine since.

We had dinner, then bath and downstairs just as daddy came in from work, Munch was very excited to see him and wanted to have a game of Junior Monopoly instead of TV, so we all started to play, we put a 1/2 hour limit on the game as it was getting on, all was going well, we were having a very merry time, Munch was being very funny and all 3 of us were having a good laugh when Munch didn’t get the number he wanted on the dice, so he shouted and cried and hit daddy on the head, he was told it was not allowed and step, which set him off even more, as he would not go to the step, we said that the game was being put away and he still had to do his time on the step and I took him by the arm and lead him to the step, which just made him hit out and kick at me, normally I would send him up to his room for a longer period, but as it was almost bedtime I continued with the step, told him very firmly that the behaviour is not allowed and he sat and did his 7 minutes.

Step time finished and it was supper and bed, he was back to being a happy chappy, and went to be with any fuse.

Another good day, a couple of very minor incidents compared to what we used to get and we are thankful for how far we have come with our wonderful son.

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