29/12 – Granny Comes to Stay.

This morning Munch came into bed with me very excited because granny was coming to stay today. After coming down Munch was very lively and excited and could not wait for granny to get here. He was being very rude and in the way that he was speaking to us, and ended up on the step several times.

In the end I sent him to do his hour upstairs before he got into any more trouble, our hour upstairs to play has been very helpful this holiday and is something we will be sticking to from now on, and using on weekends as well.

After his hour upstairs it was lunch time, then we found a film to watch. Munch had just settled to watch the film when Granny arrived so the film went out of the window. Munch was very pleased to see his Granny and was all over her.

We had a cuppa with Granny, then me and daddy toke the opportunity of going out to get a couple of bits and also having a nice coffee and cake!!

We had a phone call from Munch asking us when we were coming home, but when we got home granny said that he had been fine, he had asked to ring so granny had put it off for a while, then let him, he had got a bit nervous at one point and insisted that she locked the doors otherwise he had been fine.

We had a late tea to so it was straight to bed, Munch wanted Granny and daddy to take him and I had to go up and give him his bedtime hug and kiss when they had finished.

Due to all the excitement of granny coming Munch wide awake in bed, and constantly calling down, I went up a couple of times, but he still carried on calling down, in the end I just ignored him, he carried on until I went to bed, good job I went up early as the awful cough I had for the last week or so was beginning to take its toll. I put my head round the door and said that I did this every night on my way to bed but normally he was asleep and I was unable to talk to him, and that I could say goodnight tonight been as he was awake, he thought this was great and I did not hear another peep out of him.

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