1st 3 Days of 2011

New Years day I had the best lay in since Munch has been here, I did not get up until 11.45 am, how lovely. Munch had got up again in the night to say he was scared and did so again the next morning, but slept through this morning.

Over the Christmas holiday’s we seemed to have turned a corner with Munch, he has been so good and whilst I wasn’t to worried about Christmas, it has also been much better than we though it would be.

Granny who has gone home today say’s that she has seen a big difference in him this time, a lot I think to do with the fact Munch has been willingly giving her cuddles and kisses. Granny has also spent a fair few hours on her own with him as well, we have made the most and had a couple of night out.

Hubby is now a lot more at ease with Munch than he was and is enjoying his company, they went out yesterday afternoon together for a few hour so me and Granny were able hit the shop’s for a few hour in peace, needless to say all my money went on Munch.

So in all a fantastic 1st family Christmas, here’s to many more.

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