A Few Up and Down Days.

Well since our 1st Year Anniversary, or as Munch kept calling it, our Family Day, on Tuesday things have been a little up and down here. Munch has tried to be very controlling and a lot of the contrary behaviour he display’s sometimes has been back with vengeance the last few day’s. We are sure it is all to do with the time of year it is, and if we are honest it is not nearly as bad as it has been in the past, it’s just I think you get lulled into the sense of easiness and then something show’s up.

We are supposed to be recommencing Munch’s Play Therapy some time soon, but both myself and Munch’s SW have been phoning her and just constantly get her answer machine we have left messages but she has not returned them. When Munch’s SW emailed her she said she would be either starting today or on Tuesday, so who know’s, I think she is proberly still waiting to be paid by the LA!!! Still I am a little annoyed that she has not even bothered to answer the messages I have left especially as on her last visit she said you can always phone me.

We have our review next week, we are hoping it will be our last. Hopefully our Adoption Order will go through with out a hitch and we can then start all over again soon after for number 2. I have all ready been in touch with our 1st SW, buttering her up 😉

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