19/1 – Arranging Karate Lessons

Today started well, and we had a pleasant morning before school.

Daddy picked Munch up from school and as soon as he came in he was straight upstairs and onto his Harry Potter Lego game on the XBox. Daddy and I had already discussed doing his reading later, after daddy has gone to work, rather than as soon as he gets in, so we will be giving this a trial run to see how it works, anyway problem was solved as he had not brough home his reading diary or his learning diary. I shall be checking his bag before he leaves school tomorrow as this is one of his little ploy’s to get out of doing the work. I would not mind, but it’s not as if we push, as long as he is doing his reading which is what his school expects, with his learning diary, which is a subject that they are given every Friday to do with what they are doing at school, we will talk about it, I will give him any help he asks for and then when he has finished as long as he is happy with what he has done so are we, at the moment I feel we have much more to worry about and be working on than his home work. Some times its 5 minutes and its done, other times he will spend a long tome on it so we will for the time being do as we are doing on the homework front.

When Munch had finished with his Xbox, he asked if we could bake some cakes, which we did, he watched TV whilst they were cooking, then had great fun decorating them when they were finished he proudly gave one each to me and daddy and then had 2 himself (they were very small).

Ever since Munch has been here he has talked about Karate, we have spoken before about him doing it but we were a bit unsure, anyway we decided to phone up a local group, hubby spoke to the leader who said to bring him along and to have a look a bit of a join in, the only thing he said was that the area where we live is a big into football so the youngest they had at the moment was 14 years, double Munch’s, anyway we though we would take him along anyway, we had picked this club because of the time as it was 6.30 -7.30, where the others were all later times.

Off we went leaving 1/2 hour early so we could meet the leader, as it was it took us that whole 1/2 hour to find the place, and then once in the building we had to find them as the receptionist sent us to the ballroom dancing lessons!!! When we finally found them they had already gone in but there was a different club that had just finished and they had lots of littley that were around Munch’s age, we spoke to them and have decided they would be much more suitable and Munch was happier that there were other children there, so we will go back again next week.

Back home Munch had another of his little cakes for supper before heading off for bed.

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