We made it to Friday.

We have had a relatively good half term to date.

Tuesday was our worst day, we had a day indoor’s and Munch drove me up the wall, nothing in particular but just that push, push, push. We finished his jigsaw we had started the day before, but after that anything and every thing we did was not right. He wanted to do, then as soon as we started he didn’t, moaned at us for giving him any help, but when we stopped wanted to know why we were not helping, and on and on he went all day in that vein, until in the end I had enough and yelled, you can only parent therapeutically for so long!!!

The last 3 day’s have been good though, Wednesday and Thursday Munch went to the local activity day’s at one of the local school’s sports centre’s, Wednesday he went from 9.30 – 3.30 and yesterday did the extended day as me and hubby had something to do. The good thing was Munch really enjoyed them and they were a bargain £7 on Wednesday and only £11 yesterday for 8.30 – 5.30.

We have stuck religiously to our bedtime routine apart from Monday when we did not get in till late, no sign of improvement though, Munch is still calling own every night still going on until 10 – 10.30 every night, not so intense though and I am not having to go up and down the stairs all the time. I shall just carry on and hope for the best.

Yesterday me and hubby went to have a look at a new Village that is being built a couple of hours away from us and have fallen in love with the place, it would be a much better environment for Munch, and we would be able to reduce our mortgage and get a much bigger house in the bargain, so it has given us food for though and something we will be looking into in much more detail.

Today we have been to Munch’s club as he likes to call it to their fancy dress disco, Munch went as a battle trooper out of Star Wars.

Only the weekend to go and back to school, lets hope the next today’s are as easy.

A Lovely Day

Well what can I say after posting last night and thinking we had got away with Munch only calling down once, we had a barrage of him calling down, wanting us to go up, he was really playing on his ‘poorly’ on his head, I gave him calpol because he was complaining of a headache, the last time he called out was 11.45pm!!

This morning though we did get a nice lay in as Munch didn’t come in till 9.30am, and then got in with us for 1/2 hour. We got up Munch used the computer for a while, then watch a film on Disney XD. Once that had finished I could feel Munch becoming a bit hyper so channelled his energy in doing one of his jigsaw’s that he had received for Christmas. We sat down together for a good 2 hour’s doing his puzzle, it is a fairly big one so lots left to do tomorrow as well.

We left at 3.30 to go into London. We got the bus and tube to Leicester Square where Munch chose the Pizza Hut to eat in, from there we walked to Trafalgar Square, then part of the way up Whitehall before jumping on a bus to outside County Hall. We then practically walked onto the London Eye, it was lovely in the night seeing all the lights. After we bought Munch a teddy and he bought himself a little ball, we watched the 4D film twice before making our way home.

We didn’t get home until gone 9pm, so it was supper and straight to bed. Munch has called own a couple of times claiming to have a headache so I have given him some calpol but told him tonight was the last time as this was the second night he has had it and 2 nights is enough, no more calling since, but I am not holding my breath!!!

Today has been a lovely day, not without its testing times, but I have enjoyed it all the same and it is day’s like today that make it all the more worth while.

A Trip To A & E

Well another 3 times making it a total of 6 times Munch called down last night, all answered with ‘good-night Munch, love you, see you in the morning’ an he was asleep by 9.30pm.

This morning he woke up when daddy got up to go to work at 8.15, he got up and had a cup of tea and breakfast with daddy, then came and got back into bed with me, Munch watched tv for 1/2 hour then we got up.

Last night I had planned on taking Munch to the cinema this morning to watch Yogi Bear in 3D, I loved Yogi Bear when I was a kid, but as soon as we got up he asked to go ice skating, and I knew that it would be an all day activity as he loves it, so off we went. We had been there an hour when they resurfaced the ice, we got drinks and sat at the side. At this point I think I should point out that I have difficulty standing up in the boots let alone skating in them. Munch is off like a whippet and I cling on to the edge and make my way around slowly.

Once the ice was finished, Munch wanted to go straight back on, so I said that I would finish my coffee before going back on and off he went, 5 minutes later I heard a big shout, and the next thing I see is a man skating carrying Munch with blood pouring everywhere, now I am trying to run in those silly boots to the other end of the rink, the man passed Munch to me so I was trying to stand and hold Munch whilst pressing my hand against a gash on his forehead, a couple of ladies came and gave me tissue’s and a young boy went and fetched one of the ice marshall’s who immediately whipped him off to the First Aid Room, again with me trying to keep up in my skates.

Munch had about a 3/4 inch quite deep gash on his head, they cleaned it up and put the biggest bandage on it, Munch was really pleased with that, but not so pleased when we said he had to go to A & E, he just wanted to go back out skating!!!

Now we were very lucky in that we have a brand new hospital in our area that opened not so long ago, and it just happens to have been built right behind the Ice Arena, so we literally only had a 2 minute walk to A & E. In all we were there for 3 1/2 hours, daddy came from work, once we got in to see the doctor, he took one look and was almost rude and was, is that it, it’s only needs a few steri strips and walked off, but when the nurse came armed with all her steri strips, she said that it was deep and needed glueing, so one glued head and home we came.

After all that we decided to let Munch decide on tea and he wanted a Chinese Buffet, oh he does like a buffet, so Chinese order and eaten a bit of TV and computer, bedtime routine done and it is now almost 10pm and he has only called down once about 15 minutes after he went to bed to shout ‘love you’, to which we answered ‘love you too’.

Oh Dear, Half Term Can Only Get Better!!!

Oh dear, school only just finished today and Munch is in a strange place, after a fab morning he has come home from school in one of his contrary mood’s. It started when he wanted to decorate his piggy bank that one of my friends gave him when we visited a couple of weeks ago, he wanted to do it so out it was got, then he was whining, why would we not let him do it!!! He wanted to do a super hero, but didn’t know how to do it, why wouldn’t we let him do a supper hero!!! I just was very Dan Hughesy, keep my tone very even, and didn’t let his trying to twist every thing get to me and he eventually gave up, the rest of the evening has not been to bad, he has slipped back into the contrary, trying to wind up every now and then, but I have just kept up the not getting sucked in routine and it is keeping things on an even keel at the moment.

As of last night I am doing a much stricter, as in times and routine of bedtime, due to Munch calling down constantly, getting out of bed on the pretence of needing thing’s ect. I am also trying to humoring him and not getting annoyed with him and ending up getting into that consequence trap, my theory is if he is getting all the attention he wants and feels that we are not just putting him in his room it will peter out, to be honest, it is driving me potty and just seems to be getting worse so I am trying anything at the moment, we will stick to this for a while and see how we go.

Well what can I say, bedtime routine stuck to the letter, and I tried extremely hard to keep it light every time he called down, which was until 10.15pm!!!!!!! Then sod’s law, school days I am having to wake him up to get him ready for school, no school this morning and hay presto, 7.30 he is climbing on our bed, now on the weekend we have our 9am rule, he can play in his room but he is not to come in till 9am, 4 times he came in, once with one of his nose bleeds, several times he called from his room, I AM GOING TO PERSEVERE – I WILL CRACK IT!!!!!!!

This morning now though we have a tired boy, being very uncooperative, contrary, 3 times he has been on the step already. I have put him in a nice deep warm bath, in the hope of calming him, and also to give myself some breathing space, saying that though as I am typing this he is calling down, oh well, off I go again!!!

The rest of today wasn’t so bad, we went to nanny’s to do a couple of job’s that needed doing before nanny come out of hospital next week, daddy’s I-Phone kept him amused whilst we were there and at the hospital, he did have one of his huge nose bleed’s again, but after a little while it did stop.

We stopped and picked up a Family Feast Bucket from Kentucky’s on the way home, Munch just ate the bean’s, oh well more chicken for me and daddy and the dog was happy with the chip’s.

Stuck to our bedtime routine, story told and I have to admit to losing it when Munch came down the stairs and then was messing about when it was supposed to be his quiet time in his bed with the light on, so a lot of yelling from me and a threat of having light out straight after story and he did stay quietly in his room until I went up for light off, 35 minutes later and so far tonight he has only called down 3 times!!!!

Oh well I shall persevere!!

Another Week in The Munch Household.

Well another uneventful week, long may they last.

We had a nice day on Sunday, in the afternoon we went to see Gnomeo and Juliet, it was very good, we had a family in the row behind who found it very funny and every time they laughed so did Munch, but he had to look at them to make sure that they could see he was laughing!!

We had our usual Play Therapy session on Tuesday, and our SW visited in the afternoon to get details for the court report she has to do, she rang whilst she was here and they have to be back by 21st April, she is hoping to jolly along Munch’s SW though so they can get them there earlier.

Munch was very proud to wear his Karate suit to his lesson on Wednesday, but what I did notice was 4 weeks in and his concentration is going a little, but he really enjoy’s it and so far it has been the only thing he doesn’t say that he doesn’t want to go to before.

I had been asked to attend a parents form at our local Children’s Centre this week which I did, it was very nice to have other mum’s to talk to, and even nicer when talking to one of the mum’s and the staff, they were saying they thought that I was alway’s very calm and dealt with Munch really well, it was nice to hear because I never feel calm, I always feel like I am fizzing inside, so thank you to them.

We have  a few thing’s planned for the coming half term, so may have a few more thing’s to blog about over the next week, if I have the energy.

Ticking Over.

Well since I last posted a few day’s ago thing’s have not been too bad.  After talking to the Play Therapist about starting the whole process again, I have posted on a AUK asking for people to share their experiences of adopting a second child when they have a very high needs 1st child and several people were kind enough to share their experiences, and the one thing that came across from most was that whilst it was extremely hard work, they were glad they had done it, so we definitely have not shelved the idea, and as we have not yet officially adopted no. 1 yet we could no start for a while yet anyway, so watch his space.

We got a case number from the courts on Thursday but no date’s yet, but at least it is another step in the right direction.

Munch on the whole has been a star this week, what I have noticed though is that he has reverted back to a couple of the behaviour that he had when he 1st came, he has had a lot of nose bleeds again, and he is sucking at his cloths all the time when he is not sucking his finger’s, so not sure if something is bothering him or not we will just have to wait and see.

One of the thing’s we have alway’s done since he has been here is pebble drop thing’s about his past to him which has alway’s been met with a ‘shush, don’t speak about that’ and him clamming right up, over the last week we have actually been able to talk to him about a couple of things and he has answered, another big step.

One incident that happened as well this week that just make’s me feel so sad for my wonderful boy is we had the TV on one night and I was watching a programme whilst he was playing, on the TV someone was saying over and over again that they wanted to go home and Munch started coping them, I said you are home, to which he answered ‘my real home’, I asked where is your really home then, and he said ‘with my birth mum’, it was all said so mater of fact, but I just felt so sad for him, what goes through his little head, goodness only know’s, no wonder he is so angry and find’s it hard to cope with thing’s some times.

Yesterday we went to a friend’s daughters 18th Birthday Party, Munch was very excited to be going, mainly because it didn’t start until after his bedtime. Before going he had been a right pickle, just in one of his very strange mood’s, being very contrary, nothing was right, he was very toddlerish in his behavior. We thought that we would get there and end up coming home quite early if Munch was not coping, but from the moment we got there he was fab and we all had a great night, at about 11.45pm Munch came and asked if we could go home so we drank up and made our way home, it was almost 1am before he got to bed.

Today he slept until 8.30, but did watch tv for a while so we got a bit of a lay in. He was a little grouchy a little through tiredness and a bit of continuing behaviour from yesterday, we had said we would got out and get his karate suit today which we did, otherwise it was all kept very quiet and we watched tv and did computer before bed.

Bit of a Catch Up

We have had a fairly good time since the last time I posted, when the play therapist came last Tuesday and she asked how things were, it was good to be able to say good thank-you, funny thing was though is we had loads of thing’s to cover, a lot of it though was the little under lying things that are normally masked by the big issue’s that are going on.

Nanny ended up in hospital last Monday where she still is now, I have finally booked our 4 night holiday to Butlins in August for me, Munch, granny and big cousin which Munch is very excited about.

We have taken Munch to the doctor’s and requested a referral as we feel and the Play Therapist felt that we needed to get Munch assessed to see if he does have ADHD.

We went to Grampy’s for the weekend and had a great weekend apart from Munch being extremely hyper the who time we were there and this has carried on at home for the last 2 day’s also.

We had a Play Therapy visit today, and afterwards whilst doing our session we I asked for her opinion on going in to adopt number 2, I value what she has to say and I wanted to know how she thought it would affect Munch. She brought it more round though to how we would feel, as she said we have a child who has had a very traumatic and abusive past, that from her time working with him, she feels that what we have now is what we have for life, that this is him and we are going to have to work very hard at maintaining this structure for, basically what she was saying was how fair would it be on another child to live how we do, and our PT being very honest, and she is part of the adoption social worker team at our local LA, if she was looking for a family for a child, that we would not be her 1st choice, and I am grateful for her honesty, I had a little cry and felt like crap, the other thing she said is we have to think hard about our fantasy and our reality.

Her advice was to give it at least a year an then think about it then, so we will do just that, and we were not thinking about doing anything till later on in the year anyway.

We ha a bit of a blip this evening when Munch got very wound up about the computer, but I asked him to sit on he sofa and calm down and when he had done that I would come back in to him, 5 minutes later a much calmer Munch, I spoke to him and calm reigned till Beaver’s.