Ticking Over.

Well since I last posted a few day’s ago thing’s have not been too bad.  After talking to the Play Therapist about starting the whole process again, I have posted on a AUK asking for people to share their experiences of adopting a second child when they have a very high needs 1st child and several people were kind enough to share their experiences, and the one thing that came across from most was that whilst it was extremely hard work, they were glad they had done it, so we definitely have not shelved the idea, and as we have not yet officially adopted no. 1 yet we could no start for a while yet anyway, so watch his space.

We got a case number from the courts on Thursday but no date’s yet, but at least it is another step in the right direction.

Munch on the whole has been a star this week, what I have noticed though is that he has reverted back to a couple of the behaviour that he had when he 1st came, he has had a lot of nose bleeds again, and he is sucking at his cloths all the time when he is not sucking his finger’s, so not sure if something is bothering him or not we will just have to wait and see.

One of the thing’s we have alway’s done since he has been here is pebble drop thing’s about his past to him which has alway’s been met with a ‘shush, don’t speak about that’ and him clamming right up, over the last week we have actually been able to talk to him about a couple of things and he has answered, another big step.

One incident that happened as well this week that just make’s me feel so sad for my wonderful boy is we had the TV on one night and I was watching a programme whilst he was playing, on the TV someone was saying over and over again that they wanted to go home and Munch started coping them, I said you are home, to which he answered ‘my real home’, I asked where is your really home then, and he said ‘with my birth mum’, it was all said so mater of fact, but I just felt so sad for him, what goes through his little head, goodness only know’s, no wonder he is so angry and find’s it hard to cope with thing’s some times.

Yesterday we went to a friend’s daughters 18th Birthday Party, Munch was very excited to be going, mainly because it didn’t start until after his bedtime. Before going he had been a right pickle, just in one of his very strange mood’s, being very contrary, nothing was right, he was very toddlerish in his behavior. We thought that we would get there and end up coming home quite early if Munch was not coping, but from the moment we got there he was fab and we all had a great night, at about 11.45pm Munch came and asked if we could go home so we drank up and made our way home, it was almost 1am before he got to bed.

Today he slept until 8.30, but did watch tv for a while so we got a bit of a lay in. He was a little grouchy a little through tiredness and a bit of continuing behaviour from yesterday, we had said we would got out and get his karate suit today which we did, otherwise it was all kept very quiet and we watched tv and did computer before bed.

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