Another Week in The Munch Household.

Well another uneventful week, long may they last.

We had a nice day on Sunday, in the afternoon we went to see Gnomeo and Juliet, it was very good, we had a family in the row behind who found it very funny and every time they laughed so did Munch, but he had to look at them to make sure that they could see he was laughing!!

We had our usual Play Therapy session on Tuesday, and our SW visited in the afternoon to get details for the court report she has to do, she rang whilst she was here and they have to be back by 21st April, she is hoping to jolly along Munch’s SW though so they can get them there earlier.

Munch was very proud to wear his Karate suit to his lesson on Wednesday, but what I did notice was 4 weeks in and his concentration is going a little, but he really enjoy’s it and so far it has been the only thing he doesn’t say that he doesn’t want to go to before.

I had been asked to attend a parents form at our local Children’s Centre this week which I did, it was very nice to have other mum’s to talk to, and even nicer when talking to one of the mum’s and the staff, they were saying they thought that I was alway’s very calm and dealt with Munch really well, it was nice to hear because I never feel calm, I always feel like I am fizzing inside, so thank you to them.

We have  a few thing’s planned for the coming half term, so may have a few more thing’s to blog about over the next week, if I have the energy.

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