Oh Dear, Half Term Can Only Get Better!!!

Oh dear, school only just finished today and Munch is in a strange place, after a fab morning he has come home from school in one of his contrary mood’s. It started when he wanted to decorate his piggy bank that one of my friends gave him when we visited a couple of weeks ago, he wanted to do it so out it was got, then he was whining, why would we not let him do it!!! He wanted to do a super hero, but didn’t know how to do it, why wouldn’t we let him do a supper hero!!! I just was very Dan Hughesy, keep my tone very even, and didn’t let his trying to twist every thing get to me and he eventually gave up, the rest of the evening has not been to bad, he has slipped back into the contrary, trying to wind up every now and then, but I have just kept up the not getting sucked in routine and it is keeping things on an even keel at the moment.

As of last night I am doing a much stricter, as in times and routine of bedtime, due to Munch calling down constantly, getting out of bed on the pretence of needing thing’s ect. I am also trying to humoring him and not getting annoyed with him and ending up getting into that consequence trap, my theory is if he is getting all the attention he wants and feels that we are not just putting him in his room it will peter out, to be honest, it is driving me potty and just seems to be getting worse so I am trying anything at the moment, we will stick to this for a while and see how we go.

Well what can I say, bedtime routine stuck to the letter, and I tried extremely hard to keep it light every time he called down, which was until 10.15pm!!!!!!! Then sod’s law, school days I am having to wake him up to get him ready for school, no school this morning and hay presto, 7.30 he is climbing on our bed, now on the weekend we have our 9am rule, he can play in his room but he is not to come in till 9am, 4 times he came in, once with one of his nose bleeds, several times he called from his room, I AM GOING TO PERSEVERE – I WILL CRACK IT!!!!!!!

This morning now though we have a tired boy, being very uncooperative, contrary, 3 times he has been on the step already. I have put him in a nice deep warm bath, in the hope of calming him, and also to give myself some breathing space, saying that though as I am typing this he is calling down, oh well, off I go again!!!

The rest of today wasn’t so bad, we went to nanny’s to do a couple of job’s that needed doing before nanny come out of hospital next week, daddy’s I-Phone kept him amused whilst we were there and at the hospital, he did have one of his huge nose bleed’s again, but after a little while it did stop.

We stopped and picked up a Family Feast Bucket from Kentucky’s on the way home, Munch just ate the bean’s, oh well more chicken for me and daddy and the dog was happy with the chip’s.

Stuck to our bedtime routine, story told and I have to admit to losing it when Munch came down the stairs and then was messing about when it was supposed to be his quiet time in his bed with the light on, so a lot of yelling from me and a threat of having light out straight after story and he did stay quietly in his room until I went up for light off, 35 minutes later and so far tonight he has only called down 3 times!!!!

Oh well I shall persevere!!

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