A Trip To A & E

Well another 3 times making it a total of 6 times Munch called down last night, all answered with ‘good-night Munch, love you, see you in the morning’ an he was asleep by 9.30pm.

This morning he woke up when daddy got up to go to work at 8.15, he got up and had a cup of tea and breakfast with daddy, then came and got back into bed with me, Munch watched tv for 1/2 hour then we got up.

Last night I had planned on taking Munch to the cinema this morning to watch Yogi Bear in 3D, I loved Yogi Bear when I was a kid, but as soon as we got up he asked to go ice skating, and I knew that it would be an all day activity as he loves it, so off we went. We had been there an hour when they resurfaced the ice, we got drinks and sat at the side. At this point I think I should point out that I have difficulty standing up in the boots let alone skating in them. Munch is off like a whippet and I cling on to the edge and make my way around slowly.

Once the ice was finished, Munch wanted to go straight back on, so I said that I would finish my coffee before going back on and off he went, 5 minutes later I heard a big shout, and the next thing I see is a man skating carrying Munch with blood pouring everywhere, now I am trying to run in those silly boots to the other end of the rink, the man passed Munch to me so I was trying to stand and hold Munch whilst pressing my hand against a gash on his forehead, a couple of ladies came and gave me tissue’s and a young boy went and fetched one of the ice marshall’s who immediately whipped him off to the First Aid Room, again with me trying to keep up in my skates.

Munch had about a 3/4 inch quite deep gash on his head, they cleaned it up and put the biggest bandage on it, Munch was really pleased with that, but not so pleased when we said he had to go to A & E, he just wanted to go back out skating!!!

Now we were very lucky in that we have a brand new hospital in our area that opened not so long ago, and it just happens to have been built right behind the Ice Arena, so we literally only had a 2 minute walk to A & E. In all we were there for 3 1/2 hours, daddy came from work, once we got in to see the doctor, he took one look and was almost rude and was, is that it, it’s only needs a few steri strips and walked off, but when the nurse came armed with all her steri strips, she said that it was deep and needed glueing, so one glued head and home we came.

After all that we decided to let Munch decide on tea and he wanted a Chinese Buffet, oh he does like a buffet, so Chinese order and eaten a bit of TV and computer, bedtime routine done and it is now almost 10pm and he has only called down once about 15 minutes after he went to bed to shout ‘love you’, to which we answered ‘love you too’.

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