Munch 1 – SW 0

Well what a week we have had, and Munch has been the star of it.

We had a great weekend which started on Friday evening when me and Munch went to Kids Kingdom for a couple of hours, Saturday we were ice skating all day again, Munch had his new ice skates and found them a bit funny to start with but he soon got the hang of them.

Whilst there at one point Munch could not find me so he was very good and went to one of the ice marshalls, so lots of praise for going to a staff member. He also made friends with a boy who was there with his mum, what can I say about the mum, she looked completely out of it, was very inappropriate with the things she was saying and reminded me of photo’s I have seen of birth mum, oh dear, she insisted on giving me her phone number and was telling Munch how we can visit them and how in a couple of weeks when I knew her better that he could spend the day with them and I could go shopping!!! I very politely distanced us from them.

On Monday we had our review, it had  been planned so that our play therapist could provide a report with recommendations with regards to the ongoing support we are going to need as a family, Munch’s SW did his usual and did not pick up the report off his emails and came with out it, him and the reviewing officer travelled over 200 miles for what, the reviewing officer was not happy, Munch’s SW managed to put it all on the Play Therapist, we were told that there is no more money for them to travel here for another review, which is a pile of crap, if we needed a review they would have to find the money. Anyway review proceeded with out the report, lasted about 3/4 hours and off they trundled on their 200 mile journey home.

Tuesday was our penultimate play therapy session, play therapist was not a happy bunny as she had spent a lot of time and effort doing a very in-depth report for the review and had emailed it to Munch’s SW last week.

Wednesday, our 2nd trip to A & E in just over 3 weeks, we received the dreaded phone call from school to say Munch had fallen in the playground and banged the back of his head on a bench and had a nasty cut, so of we went again. The nurse who glued his head managed to glue her hand to his head as well, so Munch is very pleased with the piece of purple glove he has stuck on his head and enjoyed being the centre of attention in the play ground before school this morning showing it off!!

Today I have been on a Life Story Workshop, which was very informative and helped a lot with starting to do some life story work here with Munch, it was also nice to meet up with other adoptive parents, and 2 of the mums who I have kept in touch with since we did our prep groups were there and we went for a glass of wine afterwards and a good old chat.

Now for the best bit of our week, tonight was parents evening, and what a glowing report we got, Munch has really come on and is doing so well, he is above average in his reading and maths for the END of the school year and we are only half way through the year!!!!! He is doing well in all other areas too, so mummy and daddy left the school with great big grins on our faces, we could not be prouder of our boy, considering the last year that is such an achievement.

P.S. forgot to mention, the cut to his finger today, we have joked with him, what is it tomorrow, his big toe? an ear?

A Proud Mummy

Just a quick post, two good things happened today.

1. I was doing some online banking and was very pleasantly surprised to find a nice lump some from the DLA in there, so it looks very much like we are going to receive it. It will help very much as I had to give up work because of Munch’s needs.

2. I got the dreaded ‘can I have a word’ off Munch’s teacher today, and was very relieved to have been called aside because Munch had a very good day at school, that coupled with his very good school report today as well, makes for one extremely proud mummy.

And Another Week.

Well a whole week has gone by since I last posted and we have had another good week.

We went ice skating on Saturday, first time since Munch cut his head and had to have it glued, it was as if nothing happened and he was away like a good one, we certainly get our money’s worth because he insists on staying till the end. We have now bought him his own skates and he cannot wait to get to the rink again to try them out, so we know what we will be doing on Saturday.

Sunday Munch spent most of the day watching Movies in his pants!! He has taken a liking to watching films and has watched a good few over the last week.

Monday I  got the dreaded ‘can I have a word’ from his class teacher, apparently Munch had been calling out and had pinched some of the children, his class teacher had not been there for the afternoon so he had another teacher and he does not do change well. I made all the right noises, but basically am doing what his play therapist has said to do, and that is acknowledge it with Munch but otherwise let the school deal with it as we have enough to deal with here, so it was just a case of ‘I don’t want to be called aside by your teacher tomorrow’ and left at that.

Also on Monday Munch started football training which he thourly enjoyed, then Tuesday Beaver’s, and his Karate Wednesday, today we went to kids Kingdom which is a soft play area, tomorrow after school I am doing nothing!!!

I myself have started following the Slimming World eating plan this week, I did very well on it a few years back, but gradually the weight has crept back on and over the last year it has really crept back up, I was not back to what I was at my heaviest, but nearly. I have added the weight loss ticker to try to motivate myself more, so far I have lost 2 lbs which I am pleased with, my aim is 1-11/2 lbs a week.

Anyway I am hoping for another good week in the Munch household, so watch this space.

The Good Times Keep Rolling

Well it has been almost a week since I last posted and what can I say it has all been good.

The weekend went by without any incidents, we kept it quiet as we’d had half term, and Munch decided he was a movie buff!! He watched a few film’s over the weekend and on a couple of occasions asked me to ‘find a movie’.

We did go into our local shopping centre on Saturday where Munch bought himself a lovely big puffle cushion which he was very pleased with, and on Sunday we went out and had a nice Carvery for lunch which he enjoyed a lot as he was able to take what he wanted and I was very pleased with him as he only took what he could eat, he did insist on having tomato sauce on I though because it was in one of the condiment bowls on the side.

We recommenced Play Therapy on Tuesday after our 1/2 term break and she said that she could see a big difference in Munch, even in the way he looks, she said he looks a lot softer. We also spoke to her after Munch had gone to school about moving and she said she thinks that it would be good for him as we would be doing it as a family, so that has made us all the more determined to do it.

The rest of the week has been good, the last 2 night Munch has not even called out after going to bed, this time last year just shortly after he had moved  in, someone tried to break in to our next door neighbours and it really unsettled him, he kept asking if the doors were locked, where were the dogs, little things made him jumpy, and at the moment he seems to be going through the same thing, it just amazes me how subconsciously the mind works, but even with that he has not called out.

This morning, we got up late as I had forgotten to set my alarm last night, we were up, breakfast, washed and dressed and lined up before the bell went off at school all in 25 minutes!!!! It help that today is world book day and they have a monster theme at his school, so Munch has gone with his Frankenstein mask, pirate cape and devils hat, very pleased with himself he was this morning.