The Good Times Keep Rolling

Well it has been almost a week since I last posted and what can I say it has all been good.

The weekend went by without any incidents, we kept it quiet as we’d had half term, and Munch decided he was a movie buff!! He watched a few film’s over the weekend and on a couple of occasions asked me to ‘find a movie’.

We did go into our local shopping centre on Saturday where Munch bought himself a lovely big puffle cushion which he was very pleased with, and on Sunday we went out and had a nice Carvery for lunch which he enjoyed a lot as he was able to take what he wanted and I was very pleased with him as he only took what he could eat, he did insist on having tomato sauce on I though because it was in one of the condiment bowls on the side.

We recommenced Play Therapy on Tuesday after our 1/2 term break and she said that she could see a big difference in Munch, even in the way he looks, she said he looks a lot softer. We also spoke to her after Munch had gone to school about moving and she said she thinks that it would be good for him as we would be doing it as a family, so that has made us all the more determined to do it.

The rest of the week has been good, the last 2 night Munch has not even called out after going to bed, this time last year just shortly after he had moved  in, someone tried to break in to our next door neighbours and it really unsettled him, he kept asking if the doors were locked, where were the dogs, little things made him jumpy, and at the moment he seems to be going through the same thing, it just amazes me how subconsciously the mind works, but even with that he has not called out.

This morning, we got up late as I had forgotten to set my alarm last night, we were up, breakfast, washed and dressed and lined up before the bell went off at school all in 25 minutes!!!! It help that today is world book day and they have a monster theme at his school, so Munch has gone with his Frankenstein mask, pirate cape and devils hat, very pleased with himself he was this morning.

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