It’s Been a While.

Well it’s been a while since I last posted so sign that everything is going well.

In that time we have had our last Play Therapy session, we had a visit from Munch’s SW without any major incident afterwards.

We have had day’s out at Chessington and Legoland all enjoyed a great deal, we have Merlin passes and we have been able to get an extra pass as we receive DLA now for Munch so that is good.

On Saturday Munch had his 1st Karate grading and gained his red belt with a 1s class pass and also won a trophy for best in the white-red belt category, he was so pleased with himself, before hand we had the usual with him not waning to go, to much of the unknown again.

We have had Grampy staying for a week as it was his 70th Birthday on Monday, on Saturday night we took Grampy to the dog racing, we had a house full staying all weekend as, my brother, SIL and niece also came to celebrate with us all, Munch did very well and won the most money of all of us, at time it was all a bit much for him and we had a few little incident where he needed reigning in but mostly he was very good.

Mother’s Day would have been perfect as Munch was very excited, he had made me a card at school and I have to share his fantastic poem that he wrote in it

Your hair is curly like a pig’s tail, your lips are like pink diamond.

What a way with words he has, I had chocolates and another card too. The sad thing was though that my MIL had passed away in the early hours of the morning, we did tell Munch, how much he understands though is another thing, he did ask who is going to live in Nanny’s house now.

We have a date for Munch’s SW’s final visit and our SW is going to come on the same day as well before Munch get’s home from school so we can make sure that everything is in place before we get our AO. We still have no date yet, we are hoping it will be soon though.

We have decided to stay put and not move, we weighed up the pro’s and con’s and what was most important to us, and we decided that we do want to start the process as soon as possible for no.2 after our AO has been granted, we are hoping for about June and have decided that although our SW (our old one who left) said we can start ASAP we have decided to have 6 month’s SW free and start again after next Christmas.

Finally today Munch got Star of the day at school so a nice thing to finish off on.






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  1. Emma
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 12:55:08

    Love reading your Blog. Keep it up 🙂


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