Catch Up

Well I thought it was about time a did a bit of catching up.

We had our appointment with the family therapist at CAMHS, we did our initial appointment with Munch, then me and hubby went back the next day as they had a cancellation and we were offered the extra appointment as the therapist though we had a lot to cover, we also have another appointment just for me and hubby next week. We were asked if we would like a carer’s assessment to which we said yes, so after our next appointment it will be taken to their next meeting to decide where we go from here.

In the mean time we received a phone call from Munch’s ex-SW, feels goo to be able to say that, saying that his LA had agreed to fund 4 extra play therapy session’s so we just need to contact the play therapist now.

Granny has been to stay for a week, so good times were had there and a few late nights!!!

This week they have had an international week at school and they have been going into different classes all week this has had a very unsettling effect on Munch, because as we know change is very scary for our children, we had been noticing it at home that his behaviour was beginning to get very controlling again, then there was an incident in the school play ground, but the school have put more structure into his lunch break which has helped him feel more contained .

Lastly today we have a poorly boy who as spent most of the day in bed!!! He has vomited a couple of times, and is generally feeling under the weather, but on the plus side he has let me be his mummy today, I have been able to cuddle him and sooth him. Hope he is feeling better tomorrow though.

We Told Munch.

Well in the end we told Munch that our Adoption Order had been granted. In the few day’s afterward it was granted his behaviour was deteriorating and we felt it was because he knew something was going on, he was being very rude in the way he spoke to us, was trying to control everything and then after being rude over the weekend and being sent to do his time out on the step, he very calmly walked up to me pushed me really hard and pulled hard on my hair, so after talking with hubby we decided to tell him.

We sat him down and told him we had some very good news and that we had heard that the judge had now signed our adoption papers and we were now legally a family, we could not have hoped for a better response, Munch was so happy, he said ‘it’s the best day of my life, I have got my adoption papers’, then off he went to play in the garden, just as he was going out of the door though he said ‘actually when we go to Disney World Florida will be the best day of my life’, that’s my boy, gets his priority’s right!!!

Apart from that it has been an uneventful week, Munch was back to school on Tuesday, his last half term in infants before going to junior’s after the summer holiday’s. He is growing quicker than we can keep up with.

One last thing, we finally got an appointment with our local CAHM’s team, which is on Monday so not to long to wait, not to sure what to expect from this so we shall wait and see.

Another Milestone in Our Adoption Journey.

Well yesterday was another milestone in our adoption journey, our Adoption Order was granted. So 3 years and 4 months after starting our journey we are finally a fully fledged family.

In the end it was all a bit of an anti climax, we sat waiting for the phone called, in the end I phoned Munch’s SW to see what time he was due in court, only to be told he had been told not to attend, so I phoned the court myself and was told the order had been granted that morning, for all the noise BM had been making about contesting, she hadn’t even bothered to show up, so that’s it we are now legally the parents of the most wonderful boy in the word, our wonderful, lovely, funny son – OUR son!!!!!

We have not told Munch yet as we have our Celebration Hearing coming up in a few weeks and we have arranged a BBQ for the weekend after to celebrate with all our family and friends, and did not want to confuse him, so we will tell him nearer the date and use the date of our Celebration Hearing as our ‘official’ date.

Munch being the astute boy that he is though know’s something is afoot and has been acting accordingly over the last week, just pushing and generally being a pain in the backside, so we have had to be on top of his behaviour all the time to stop him from spiralling, it is very tiring though, but we know we have to do it for his sake.

We did go out and Celebrate even though Munch did not know we were celebrating, we went to  children’s Activity Zone and then out for a meal at a place of Munch’s choice.

So it’s a very happy and official mummy signing off tonight x