A Brief Update.

Well things have been ticking along nicely here, we had a good Christmas with just one incident on Christmas Eve where after bedtime Munch had a bit of a wobble and I ended up having to sit with him in his room until he calmed down. The one thing of notice was though although Munch was besides himself there was no hitting, kicking, swearing or spitting he did at one point grab hold of my hair but though better of it. He eventually went to sleep and was back to his normal self Christmas morning and we had a lovely day.

Post Christmas is a tricky time as it was when we 1st met our beautiful boy so at the moment thing’s are tricky here, he is pushing and testing boundaries, so we have reeled it all back in for the moment, keeping routines as tight as possible using the step when need’s be and trying hard not to get sucked into the chaos that we know he is trying to create. We know we will possible have a few more weeks of this so we trying to take it in our stride, easier said than done though.

On the 2nd adoption front nothing has happened since the last post apart from having a visit canceled and re-booked for a week on Monday.

A very short up-date, but nice not to have a lot to report!!


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