Easter Catch Up

So a bit of a catch up since my last post, things have been relativity calm here of late, we had a couple of weeks where Munch was particularly rude and uncooperative, this coupled with nose-bleeds, lots of cloths chewing and constantly being called aside by his teacher told us that something was going on in his little head, so lots of wondering out loud, trying to be as empathetic as possible – not all ways easy – and reigning things in. We tightened boundaries and structure, we made everything visual and this seems to have done the trick, we now have a much calmer Munch on our hands.

The start of the Easter holiday’s were a bit tricky, think I was on my way to a mini breakdown, so I am sure everything felt a lot worse than it was, thanks to hubby taking charge though and taking a couple of nights off work things improved and we got on with enjoying the holiday.

The 2nd week Munch attended his Karate school and worked very hard all week and is now the proud owner of a purple tag belt. He also has a very proud mummy and daddy.

News on our 2nd adoption is that our 2 HS visits has now turned into 5!! We just have a few loose ends to fill in on our 5th visit which should have been this week but clashed with an invite out to afternoon tea with my ex-work colleagues and as I don’t get out much these day’s I was not tuning it down.

Our SW came out and did a session with Munch yesterday which went better than I thought as I did think he may be uncooperative, but he wasn’t, the SW asked him lots of questions about like where would his little sister sit at the table, where abouts in the living room, where was she going to sleep, what about if she wanted a different programme on to him, about bath and bedtime, all of which he really though about.

The SW also told him stories about me and his daddy when we were getting ready for him to come, and it was lovely, he hung on to every word she said.

SW is coming to visit him in 2 weeks again and is hoping to get us to panel in June and has told us to start looking at children!! Our AUK membership was up for renewal so we subscribed to Children Who Wait as well and have started looking.

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